29 May 2008

LOST Season Finale Party

Well, I personally can't remember ever having a party for a TV show, but tonight we are. It's the season finale of LOST and my hubby and I are soooooo addicted that we can hardly wait. We usually have to tape the shows and watch them later because Thursday is our college ministry night. Tonight however we decided to do something totally different (since there are so many fans in that group) and host a party at our house. I'm looking forward to it (as long as they all don't *talk* through the show!). So I'll be busy all day getting the house cleaned and some snacks made... How about you? Are you a total LOST addict? Here's a good place to catch up on some fun facts if you are--or want to be. And for some real fun, check out Sawyer's nickname generator! I'm *Farah*:)

And to add a fun *twist* to the day....my hubby did something to his foot last night playing basketball. So now he's off to the doctor to have an x-ray to see if it's broken, cracked, sprained or just bruised. He's really hobbling around, poor guy. Somehow he always manages to injure himself right before we're hosting a party at our house. The last time was at Christmas when we were having all of our youth coaches from church over for a big bash. He threw his back totally out--yep, you guessed it--playing basketball again! Some of us just don't learn from our experiences, do we? ha!

**Edited: Vince doesn't have a broken foot, just torn ligaments and a sprained ankle. So hopefully within a couple of weeks he'll be much better. Thank the Lord!


Kari said...

You'd think he'd get a clue and knock off the b-ball. To the best of my memory, every major injury he's had in the last several years has been somehow related to basketball. =) **sigh** Oh, well! Glad it's not broken.

Oh, btw...I'm Ladybug. You know? I actually wouldn't really mind that one. =)

Songlee said...

Torn ligaments???? Yuck! That's painful, no? Well, at least it is not broken. Thanks for the update. Sorry I missed the party. Hope it was fun.

Heather & Reese said...

Rees & I are both huge Lost fans! A Lost party sounds like so much fun. I took the nickname quiz, and I'm Sticks! Hmmm, what's with that! LOL!


Kelli said...

A Lost party sounds like fun! I sure was worried about Sawyer there for awhile. I would have been so upset if he hadn't made it back to the beach!

Heather & Reese said...


Hope Vince heals quickly. What a bummer.

Oh yes, I'm a LOST fanatic! I tried the Sawyer name generator and got all sorts of wacky results. My favorite was Rinse and Repeat! LOL! (My least favorite was Skeletor and Lightbulb!)

Those cookies look YUM-Mee!

Bless you.


Lora said...

I love all of your new nicknames!:) Glad you shared them with me!