03 May 2008

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

We just got back last night from a trip to Kansas City. We were there all week for a missions conference. It was hosted by WME (Worldwide Missionary Evangelism) which is a ministers' fellowship that Vince is a part of--and of which my dad is the chairman. The conference sessions and services were so incredible! The guest speakers included Dr. Bambang of Indonesia, Matthew Barnett of the Dream Center in LA, Larry Jones of Feed The Children, and author Tommy Tenney. I picked up several new books that I'm excited about reading. Two were by Tommy Tenney: The Road Home and Finding Your Way.

Overall, this was a very refreshing week for both me and Vince. We really enjoyed seeing some friends that we hadn't seen in a while. I got to spend some time with my life-long friend, Nancy, who has instructed me to "please stop calling her my *oldest* friend":) When I said that before I wasn't thinking of age, but simply of the fact that we've been friends since we were born. I guess it didn't sound so nice saying *oldest* though-ha! Sorry, Nanc! Nancy was there promoting her book Drama Ministry that she helped co-write. I picked up several copies for us and our youth coaches who help specifically in this ministry at our church. It's a back-to-the basics guide that I think will be very helpful. If you're interested, click over to her blog, Chocolate Ink, and ask her about it.

Nancy & Lora at the Country Club Plaza

One day we were able to take the kiddos to a restaurant called T-Rex. My son, Mr. B, is totally into dinosaurs these days and even the Princess thinks they're pretty cool. So they were VERY EXCITED about going to this place. We all had a lot of fun though! It had awesome moving dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, tanks of live fish, themed dining rooms, meteor showers, and the big hit: a sand area for "digging dinosaur bones". They LOVED that!

The weather all week was really beautiful, if windy, and KC was at the height of their Spring with the red buds and dogwoods just bloomed out. On the last night of the conference though the tornado sirens went off for the longest time and it stormed and stormed. How ironic is that--a tornado in Kansas?!....It's always nice to get back home though and I'm ready to put the suitcases away for a while, at least a month or so:)


Nancy said...

Thank you for not calling me your "oldest" friend again! :) It was so great seeing you, and I really should stop commenting on your blog and update mine! ;)

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed T-Rex. It sounds (and looks) amazing! We'll have to try it out next time.

Kari said...

This really was fun; I just wish I had been feeling better. =)