03 May 2008

Yea! I'm a Winner!

I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home from our trip last night. A while back I had entered and WON a giveaway on Blissfully Domestic for a yummy looking cookbook. And it came this week--yea!! I'll have to try some recipes out soon and share them with you.
Thank you very much to Ali at Divine Domesticity for sponsoring this fun giveaway!

Now I'm off to take care of my sick little boy (fever and vomiting thru the night and still fever this morning) and to get started on that pile of trip laundry.


Songlee said...

Cheesy comment time! You are a winner regardless whether you won a book or not! LOL! But it is possibly a Mother's Day present from the Lord? Sorry little man is sick. Give him a kiss for me.

Nancy said...

I'm so sorry Mr. B is sick! Poor little guy! HOpe he's better soon.

The cookbook looks delicious...enjoy!