13 June 2008

Yea! My 100th Post!! (Everything You Wanted To Know And More)

  1. I was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas
  2. I've lived in three different states besides Arkansas
  3. My adolescent years were spent in Ohio
  4. I went to college in Missouri
  5. Now I live in Alabama
  6. I've also lived in two other countries
  7. I celebrated my first birthday in Jamaica
  8. The summer I was sixteen I lived in South Africa
  9. Blue is probably my very favorite color: all shades!
  10. Blue & white is a favorite combination, too
  11. Reading is my favorite pastime
  12. My favorite thing to read is a good mystery
  13. When I was a girl I wanted to be Nancy Drew when I grew up
  14. Or maybe Trixie Belden
  15. I'm also a bit of a magazine junkie
  16. and I love to read aloud to my kiddos
  17. I played with barbies until I was in 7th grade
  18. Paperdolls, too--they were the best!
  19. I kept my favorite ones
  20. I got my first camera (a Holly Hobby one) when I was 4
  21. I have 43 full photo albums + some scrapbooks
  22. I'm obsessive about always dating my photos on the back
  23. And having them all in order
  24. Much to my husband's chagrin, I hate starring in his videos
  25. I love to travel
  26. I love the beach
  27. and the mountains,
  28. the country
  29. and the city
  30. I've been to all of our states except for six
  31. and to eight other countries
  32. I'm a PK/MK (preacher/pastor's kid/missionary's kid)
  33. I love that
  34. I love missions
  35. and missionaries
  36. Now I'm a PW (preacher's wife)
  37. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do
  38. I started "cooking" in 5th grade
  39. Pancakes were my first try
  40. I bombed
  41. I earned my cooking badge for Missionettes in 6th grade
  42. I've been cooking up a storm ever since
  43. I'm *famous* for my deep-dish pizza
  44. I've been making it since I was 16
  45. I got the recipe from a Seventeen magazine
  46. I'm currently compliling a family cookbook for my mom's side of the family
  47. I like to read cookbooks cover-to-cover, just like a regular book
  48. I have 81 cookbooks
  49. Plus two accordian files of clipped recipes
  50. I really like organization
  51. My postcard collection is organized by state or country, alphabetically
  52. My cds are organized by genre
  53. My books are also organized by subject
  54. I also love keeping a calendar
  55. I keep one really detailed desk calendar
  56. And a smaller, more abbreviated one in my purse
  57. I love vanilla Cokes from Sonic
  58. I love Chick-Fil-A sandwiches
  59. Arby's jalepeno poppers are also a favorite treat
  60. I love seafood
  61. Mexican food is probably my overall favorite
  62. I could probably live on BBQ potato chips, too
  63. But I really just love to eat all good food
  64. I'm more of a savory food lover than a dessert lover
  65. Not that I don't like dessert though
  66. And I want it with coffee!
  67. I don't like fresh tomatoes
  68. except for bruschetta
  69. and pico de gallo
  70. I love dishes
  71. I would have a different set for every holiday and season if I had the space
  72. I've been married to the love of my life for 11 years
  73. I was a bridesmaid 9 times before I got married
  74. Not to mention all of the other duties I performed at many more weddings
  75. I've been the flower girl,
  76. the rice girl,
  77. the guest book girl
  78. the train-bearer
  79. and the cake girl
  80. and *assistant-in-general*
  81. I had a lot of dresses with dyed-to-match shoes
  82. I loved being a part of my family and friends' weddings though
  83. I was 31 before I had my first child
  84. Sometimes I feel really old, while chasing my kiddos
  85. I still want another one though
  86. Being a mother is the hardest and most rewarding thing I've ever done
  87. I can't wait to start homeschooling my daughter this fall
  88. I was home schooled 1st & 2nd grades
  89. I'm sort of a germaphobe
  90. and a little bit of a neat freak
  91. although I've really relaxed in that department since becoming a mother
  92. I love to write letters to my far-away friends
  93. I love stationary and note cards
  94. I enjoy stamping and creating my own cards, too
  95. I secretly would like to live in the country
  96. and have my own chickens
  97. and a beautiful garden
  98. I've never broken a bone
  99. but I did have to get stitches once for busting my head open
  100. Ironing clothes is my least favorite household chore
  101. It took me over a month to come up with this list!
  102. Whew! I'm glad its finally finished


Betsy said...

Oh my...I just did my 100th post a week or so ago...didn't realize you were supposed to celebrate this way...LOL Very nice info....

Kari said...

germaphobe (haha--you knew I couldn't leave it!)
and CONGRATS on hitting 2 digits! =)

Songlee said...

well, i didn't read this, yet! But I will tonight. Can't wait for the yard sale!

Lora said...

Thanks, Kari, I can always count on you--even when spell check has no answers for me:)
P.S. Did you mean 3-digits?

Songlee said...

very nice list. Some I knew, others i didn't. So, what will you do for 200th post? :)

Lora said...

This took so long, there's no way I'd do a list of 200 things!! I'll come up with something more creative--maybe a giveaway or something!

Nancy said...

Awesome! I did know a lot of that. Some I didn't. Some I had forgotten. So, thanks for sharing. I'll have to remember for my 100th post (although it will be awhile!)

As for Mexican food...there's a GREAT new place in Branson. We'll have to go next time you're in the area!

Jamie said...

Great list, I enjoyed reading and learning more about you! Amen to #84.

Mikki said...

Wow! I am impressed with your blogspot. I've enjoyed learning more about you. Can I borrow you to organize my life?