20 June 2008

*Know & Tell* Friday

Reese & Heather over at Kicking it in Crazyville have this fun weekend thing going called *Know & Tell* Friday. I've been enjoying reading their posts on this for the past few weeks, and this week I thought I'd finally join in the fun.

~Which is your favorite season? Why?
Well, I really do love having all four seasons, it just makes the year so interesting, but if I had to choose one it would be Fall. Maybe it's because my birthday is in the fall or the weather is so lovely or the trees are so beautiful, but I really do LOVE Fall.

~Are you a bikini or one piece gal? Do the same rules apply to your daughter, if you have one?
I have not worn a bikini since I was 4 years old--and things will stay that way! I do actually wear a 2-piece, although it wears like a 1-piece. It's a tankini that has a skirt bottom (read: good coverage!) My daughter has 1-pieces and 2-pieces, but this will probably be the last summer for her to wear bikinis--only 1-pieces and tankinis from now on.
~What is your favorite summer getaway? Beach? Lake? Mall? Indoor ice skating? Why? I really do love to be near water, so I love the beach or the lake. But I love the mountains, too. When it comes to vacations I love adventure!
~You're on a sandy beach, looking out at a perfectly blue ocean. The weather is perfect. What's on the table next to you? What book are you reading? Who is sitting next to you? What are you drinking? Oooo, I'm so looking forward to doing this soon! I'd probably have a sweet iced tea or a Coke, reading an incredible mystery story. No one will be sitting by me because they'll be watching my kiddos:)
~Do you tan? If so, are you an all-natural tanner or do you go to a salon? Well....I can tan but it takes me forever. I always burn first, so I use a lot of sunscreen. I haven't been to a tanning bed in about 15 years! That's definitely not my thing.
~What is your favorite summer clothing? Capris!!
~You're suddenly able to transport yourself to any summer in your past. What year would you choose to be in? Hmmm...I had a really great summer of 1987. I was actually TAN and I got to take some amazing trips to Jamaica and New York City--and I was soooo skinny!:)

Now I'm off on an overnight trip to Memphis with four other girls (in the South we're *girls* forever, you know!) You may have seen me mention a yard sale recently--this is where all my $$ is going.

To read more fun *Know & Tell* Q & A's head over to Kicking it in Crazyville and hang out with Reese & Heather!!


Betsy said...

Have a wonderful time with "the girls", Lora!

Heather & Reese said...

I'll go back to 1987 and you can take me along to Jamaica and NYC! What fun that would be. I was skinny back then too, but not tan. Nope, still as ghostly white then as I am now.

Have fun with the Girls! Bless you, Lora.


Kari said...

Did you mean 87 or 97?

Kari said...

I don't remember you doing that the year we moved. =)

Heather & Reese said...


I enjoyed Rebecca. It was a little bit different than the Alfred Hitchcock movie that was based on the book that I used to watch with my dad. I was always fascinated by the fact that the new Mrs de Winter was never named. It's one of the big mysteries of the book for me!

I found "Rebecca's Tale" by Sally Beauman right around the time I was reading Rebecca. It's sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. That should be interesting.



Nancy said...

ARen't these fun? I'm so glad you joined in!