21 July 2008

Company's Coming

I am so excited!! One of my college roommates is coming to visit me. And she's bringing her beautiful family, too. Way back in 1991 we were roommates at Evangel University (then it was Evangel College) in Springfield, MO. We've seen each other just a few times since: at her wedding, at our other roommate's wedding, once at a mutual friend's house in OH, and once quickly at the Toronto airport when I was flying through. That last visit was in 2000. We've continued to keep in touch through the years, if somewhat sporadically. She's Canadian and lives in Canada, so our paths just don't cross that much. However, she, her husband and children are going to be in our area THIS WEEK!! They're going to spend two nights here visiting and I know we're going to have so much fun.

So today I've been doing some cooking ahead of time to get ready. I love to do that as much as possible. Tomorrow night is tacos, so I've already browned and seasoned the meat and prepared the black bean salsa. I also already have the chicken spaghetti for Tuesday night prepared and ready to pop in the oven. I just wish I had more refrigerator and freezer space!!

But here's the kicker: Mr. B has just broken out with chicken pox. Oh yeah. The timing is unbelieveable. He and the Princess have both had the vaccine, but I knew there was still a possiblity of contracting it--I just didn't know they'd been exposed. Oops! I've been puzzling over these red dots on Mr. B since Thursday night and today I was able to confirm what it must be. Sure enough, some of our friends' children had it (and they didn't yet know it) and they all played together exactly two weeks ago last Thursday. At least Mr. B isn't in the super contagious stage. Turns out children are most contageious before they actually breakout. Of course, that means I've unknowingly exposed numerous children these past couple of weeks. I feel bad about that, but what's a mother to do?! It's simply a rite of passage for childhood, right?...I remember having chicken pox when I was 5--at Christmastime! It was horrible! I had what is commonly called *an old fashioned case*, which just means that I had them everywhere you could possibly have them. It was a miserable two weeks, especially the part where I missed all the big Christmas family get togethers with my cousins....Anyway, I'm so glad that my friend is being very gracious about the whole thing saying that her children have had the vaccine and have probably been exposed before at school, etc. So hopefully they won't be taking a case of chicken pox back to Canada with them!


StitchinByTheLake said...

First of all, have fun with your company! Treasure the time you have. Second, where do you get the veggie wash? Blessings, marlene

Betsy said...

Good for you in cooking ahead! That makes a huge difference, doesn't it? And you can enjoy the company so much more and still have yummy things ready to eat. Poor Mr. B! Hope he's feeling better real soon. Enjoy your friends! :)

Nancy said...

Have fun with your roomie! And good for you cooking ahead. I need to do that sometime. I feel like I always spend the whole time in the kitchen when we have company.

I hope Mr. B feels better soon!

PinkDaisyGirl said...

I was helicoptered to Springfield in December, 1993, to have my twin girls at 27 weeks. I was actually in the hospital for five days before I actually delivered. I didn't know you'd gone to college there. Hubby had been stationed at FLW, MO.

I had chicken pox when I was seven, also at Christmastime. I missed my second grade class Christmas party. I remember having them everywhere too, as well as being delirious with fever for about 24 hours.

Have a great visit!

Heather and Reese said...

I had a terrible case of chicken pox when I was 13. I missed the last 3 weeks of school. The ridiculous thing is that I desperately wanted them so I could get out of playing softball in PE! LOL! I heard they were going around and stopped short of actually praying for them! Man, what a mistake that was. It was a very miserable time.

You are so amazing! I need to think ahead like that. I actually need to think ahead like that even when we're not having visitors.

Hope Mr B is feeling better. Bless you!