16 July 2008

Wild Blackberries

Where my parents live there are still some lots available that have never been cleared and built on. This generally means that there are lots of wild blackberry bushes growing on those said lots-- much to the neighborhoods delight!

Vince and I took a little walk down the road and picked a few the other morning. Of course there's the whole chigger issue and the thorns, but we braved it all to pick those huge yummy berries. We came home with enough for a cobbler!
So today I made my very first cobbler--with Mama's help, of course! First she rinsed the berries, put them in a pan and added a little water. Then she let time heat until they were just heated through. In the meantime, I whipped up some of those delicious pie crusts, chilled them and then rolled them out for the cobbler dish.

I'm *jealous* of my mom's great dough board! It's even got freezable inserts to keep your dough cold!

We drained off most of the water from the pan of berries, added 1 cup of sugar, a little cornstarch and poured them into the bottom crust.

Don't worry if some of the juice seeps through the crust--just makes the flavor even better!

Dot the top with plenty of butter,

put on the top crust--and don't forget to cut some vents for the steam.

We baked ours for 10 minutes at 425F and then turned the oven down to 325F for the remaining 40 minutes or so (until the crust is nicely browned).

Delicious!! I would imagine that you could use whatever fruit you wanted to make this. It's just a basic cobbler recipe that we whipped up with no recipe whatsoever today.


Nancy said...

YUM!!! Looks sooo delicious! I only wish I were there to sample some! :)

Betsy said...

That looks heavenly! ;)

Rachel said...

oh my...mmmmmmmm.......... I could go for some witha cup o' tea!

Rachel said...

homemade cobbler with berries you picked yourself! It can't be better than that.

Angela said...

Looks beautiful! I love blackberry anything. I recently came across a mention of blackberry ice cream and have been wanting to try that. Your cobbler looks awesome!