10 August 2008

Memorable Vacation Moments, The Good & The Bad

  • Getting packed up for the trip to Gulf Shores, AL (everything but the kitchen sink!!)

  • dropping both of our cell phones in the pool the first night there

  • me melting down after dropping both cell phones in the pool

  • me thanking God for reviving one of those phones

  • coping with the tiny-ness of our condo unit

  • wishing this house was where we were staying

  • meeting up with my parents and sister at the Gulf

  • playing in the beautiful white sand

  • getting stung by jellyfish

  • hunting for crabs by flashlight after dark

  • goofing off with my sister

  • shopping the outlet stores and cheesey souviener shops, among others

  • having fresh all-u-can-eat fish!!

  • watching a school of dolphins swim by just out from where we were swimming

  • playing *pirate putt-putt* with Nana and Papi

  • hunting for seashells

  • sand art by The Princess

  • getting the best tan I've had in years

  • watching my kiddos have the best time playing with the lizard they caught

  • exploring Fort Morgan (very cool!)

  • eating more great seafood

  • playing Scattergories, Phase 10, the memory game with family

  • wishing I could play on the beach everyday with my kiddos

family vacation, Gulf Shores, August 2008


Anonymous said...

uh???? What about the last photo of your hubby looking all fit and trim in his swimsuit??? I mean really, he's looking hot....hehe (your hubby)

elizabeth said...

What an amazing vacation.
Loved the sand art!
Have a happy and healty.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like ya'll had a great time (well, minus the cell phone and jelly fish incident)! Wish I was at the beach! Sarah :)

PinkDaisyGirl said...

Looks like the good far outweighed the bad. What a creative way to blog about your vacation. I loved the photos, especially the ones of Mr. B with the lizard, the sand art by the Princess, and your final family photo. Everyone looks happy and rested. Welcome back!

~ Kayren

Angela said...

Looks like you guys had a lovely trip!

And on your note about the Journey and Def Leppard concerts, I would totally have to go. I love both! :-)

Betsy said...

tee-hee...don't hubbies always think they look hot??? :)

Beautiful photos....I feel more relaxed just looking at them!

Heather and Reese said...

I loved your pictures. It looked like you guys had a great time!

I think my good friend, Lyndsay, over at Life in Motion used to go to the Gulf Shores and loved it. She was raised in Louisiana.

Glad you had a good time!


Monica said...

I love the photos! I grew up in La. so not to far from where you are now!

Kari said...

Glad we went! (but glad to be home) haha

Nancy said...

What an amazing trip! Sorry about the cell phones, but really does make for a great story now, huh? (If not, it will someday.)

Glad you had a good time...I miss the beach!