24 August 2008

Menu Plan Monday

First of all, a great big *thanks* to those of you commenting on my new family pics on the sidebar. My very good friend Larinda took those for us and I love them! She did a great job! Now onto the food...

Vince's brother, Steven, is visiting us this week. He's been on a month-long trip across the nation for a video project that he's working on. So now he's here in the Deep South to find out more about jazz, rock-n-roll, bbq, Helen Keller and more. Since he's pretty much been living off of tuna packets all month, with only a few highlights in between, I want to feed him well. So far we've had some pretty good eats with recipes from The Pioneer Woman (Marlboro Man Sandwiches with Onion Strings yesterday and Pot Roast today). Steven swears he's already gained three pounds, but he's tall and lanky so that's okay.

I have the lineup for this week, I just don't know yet which day I'll cook which meal. But at least I have a plan:

  • Crockpot ribs with baked beans and potatoes

  • Beef stew and cornbread (those PW pot roast leftovers make delicious stew!!)

  • Spaghetti and meatballs

  • Burgers

  • Some Kind of Chicken Dish (anything new, ya'll?)

So, there you have it.

For even more inspiring menus visit I'm an Organizing Junkie.


Kelli said...

Your menu sounds delicious! I've been getting most of my recipes off of Mrs. H's blog lately. She has so many good ones!


Kari said...

So, how'd Steven feel about some real food? =)