11 August 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I still haven't made it to buy groceries since we've been home from vacation, so I pretty much did a raid on the pantry tonight for dinner. We ended up with mac-n-cheese, mixed veggies (canned), Stovetop stuffing, along with some leftovers of chicken fingers and mashed potatoes. Oh--and my hubby threw in part of a leftover sub sandwich for himself. It was a little hodge-podge, but it actually hit the spot for all of us. Any of ya'll ever have strange meals like that?
The rest of the week should be much better though...I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow!
Tuesday: Chicken Cacciatore*
Wednesday: Garlic-Lime Chicken*
Thursday: (small group) BBQ sandwiches (but I'm making dessert this time: Yum Yum*)
Saturday: Tuna Cornbread Cakes*
*I'll follow-up each day with the respective recipe.
You can check out more menus at I'm an Organizing Junkie.


Betsy said...

Your menu looks yummy! It's amazing what you can come up with from the back of the pantry when you are in a pinch, isn't it? It makes me think I run to the grocery before I really need to!
Have a great day, Lora!

Colleen said...

Yes, we have lots of strange meals around here. I'll have to try your pizza recipe sometime, although I don't have a deep dish pan. Enjoy the week!

Nancy said...

WE do "whatever you can find meals" all the time! The strangest meal I can remember though was when my labor with Little Man and made Hubby go get mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC and fried rice and crab rangoon from my fave Chinese restaurant...apparently I needed to "carb up" for the big delivery!

And...I remember the ol' chips & salsa days at El Chico. The funny thing is, I don't remember who the waiter was that I knew! Is that awful?