17 September 2008

Calgon Take Me Away!!

What a long day! I'm so glad to have a moment to sit down here and veg out for a few minutes. I'd nearly forgotten what a job it is to sell a house.

We've had our house For Sale By Owner for exactly 2 weeks and 3 days. We've shown it 8 times now and taken a ton of calls on it. Until today, the last time we'd shown it was last Thursday evening, then all of a sudden yesterday we got several calls from people all wanting to come tonight at basically the same time to see it. So I've been juggling schedules for showings and furiously cleaning. Somehow between last Thursday and today it looked like the house had thrown up toys or something. Thank goodness Vince pitched in more than his fair share because I just wasn't functioning at 100%. I've been pretty tired these past few days and it seems to have effected my brain-ha! Part of that is the fact that I've gotten serious about packing. So now we are starting to have boxes neatly stacked around our family room. It's lovely.

I've come to the very brilliant conclusion that it's not exactly the best plan to put your house up for sale, start homeschooling and start packing up your house all in the same week. Ya think?!?
But, hey, we do what we have to do, right?

Oh--and did I mention that I'm supposed to be packing us up for a weekend trip to Arkansas? Yes, we're leaving in the morning and I have absolutely nothing packed. The suitcases aren't even out of the attic yet. Oh, well...

...I'm excited about going though! It's my birthday weekend! Whoo hoo!! Plus we are going to look at houses there and Vince has some appointments while we're there, too. We're praying hard about those!

Well, thanks for listening! I'm feeling much better now...I think I'll go get a suitcase and starting packing!


PinkDaisyGirl said...

You forgot to add "start a new exercise program" to your list of things you started this week. You were overloaded, girl!

Have a wonderful birthday and a safe trip! Will be praying that something fruitful comes from Vince's appointments.

~ Kayren

Britt-Arnhild said...

Don't overdo. And don't forget to take time to smell the roses :-)

Good luck with it all.

Heather and Reese said...

You have so much going on!

I hope you have a great weekend, and a lot of success this weekend! I'll be praying for that!


Lora said...

Oh, yeah, Kayren, that's right! Now that you mention it the start of the workout wasn't that well thought out either. Hehe!

Thank you to those of you praying about our weekend in AR! We really do appreciate that so much.

Betsy said...

Hey...and happy birthday...it's my birthday weekend, too! :)