05 September 2008

Know & Tell Friday: Sports Edition

Here we go....Today Kayren at Everything's Coming Up Daisies is hosting. So sorry to hear that Reese is not feeling well and Heather has tons going on (I hear ya, sister!!), but "thanks" to Kayren for keeping the fun alive today!

1. Do you live for the start of college football? professional football? Does anyone in your house? Do you know anyone who does? Well, I wouldn't say that I live for it like some people do, but I do enjoy football. I used to keep up with the NFL and loved it. I haven't really kept up in years, since my hubby didn't, but he seems to be getting more interested so that will be fun again. Probably the biggest college football fans I know are my husband's family.

2. Did you go to college? If so, what was your mascot? Was/Is that your favorite team? If not, what was/is your favorite college team? I went to college at Evangel University in Springfield, MO, and they were the Crusaders. The games were always fun! My favorite college team though is the Arkansas Razorbacks. Like Kayren said, if you're from Arkansas it doesn't matter where you go to school you are a Razorback fan. Whoo Pig Sooie!!

3. Have you ever embarrassed yourself at a sporting event? Have you seen someone else embarrass themselves at a sporting event? In Ohio I attended a small Christian school and in my 9th grade year I somehow was coerced into trying out for cheerleading. I think I made it only because the number of cheerleaders needed was the exact number that tried out (otherwise I'm sure I would've been cut). I cheered one game and one game only. I was totally uncoordinated and hated every minute of it. It was pretty embarrassing! However, my husband was his jr. high school mascot for the cheerleading team: the Ramsey Rams. So he got to wear the Ram suit, although I'm pretty sure he wasn't embarrassed by that. It takes a lot to embarrass him. In high school, he would go down on the field and cheer along with the cheerleaders even though he wasn't on that team.

4. What is your favorite spectator sport (the one you love to watch live)? Football, even though half the time I have no idea what's going on! It's just so exciting, espcially live!

5. Do you have a sports hero? If so, what makes them special? My new sports hero is Michael Phelps. He was amazing me in the Olympics!! And his attitude was so good, too, he was a real team player not a showman.

6. What's the most memorable sporting event you have ever watched on television? watched live? I will forever remember watching the Olympics this year.

7. If you have kids or grandkids, do they play sports? I do have little kiddos and they have not played team sports yet. But hopefully next year we can find a good program for my daughter. I think she would enjoy playing t-ball. And then in a couple of years my son will also. In just playing around in the backyard, they both seem to have some natural ability (that doesn't sound like a biased mom,now does it?! ha!).
Today head over to Kayren's place at Everything's Coming Up Daisies and join in the fun!


PinkDaisyGirl said...

Thanks for playing today, my fellow Hawg fan!

After watching your husband's videos, I can certainly picture him exactly as you described him in the ram suit and marching up and down the sidelines. I'm not sure if that part was in or out of the ram suit, but either way, I can see him doing it.

Can't wait to see those kids in the sidebars in sport's uniforms.

~ Kayren

KC said...

super answers it was fun reading your post today.. It was nice meeting you also. :)
Happy Friday

Nancy said...

I can't believe you've lived in Bama for 2 years now and still admit to being a Razorback fan!....Roll Tide!! ;)