30 September 2008

Menu Plan Monday...er..Tuesday

Well, I'm pretty late with my menu plan this week. I really don't have a good excuse either, just didn't get it done. I'd better get it posted though, because my hubby likes to read what he's having for dinner here-ha!
Last night we had grilled cheese bratwursts with baked beans and German potatoes. There is a restaurant where we're from in Arkansas that serves Swiss & German cuisine. They have these amazing potatoes there! The last time we ate there (which was quite a long time ago) I asked our server how they were made and she was happy to tell me. Don't you love that?! So yesterday I dug out my scribbles from that night (that had no measurements and only sketchy instructions) and decided to try to recreate those potatoes. They turned out soooo yummy!! I simply cut up the potatoes in fairly small/thin pieces and tossed them with a little oil and butter in a covered baking dish. Then I cooked them for probably an hour and a half at about 300F, till they were very tender. Then I seasoned them with some bacon bits, white pepper, seasoned salt and dried minced onion and let them bake just a little longer. Mmmmmm....wonderful with those grilled brats!
Well, here's the lineup for the rest of the week:
Tuesday: pan fried fish, baked potatoes, coleslaw
Wednesday: stir-fry steak and veggies, rice
Thursday: bbq pork tenderlion, fried okra, rice
Friday: grilled burgers, french fries, onion strings
Saturday: pinto beans and cornbread
Go to I'm an Organizing Junkie for more menu plans!


PinkDaisyGirl said...

It all looks yummy. I saw those onion strings too and I'm going to try them when I have my full-sized kitchen and all my stuff. They look absolutely great. I can't wait to hear what you think of them.

~ Kayren

Lora said...

OH. MY. I've made those onion strings once before already and they are incredible!! I couldn't believe how yummy and restaurant-like they were, also very easy, too! You'll love them!
BTW, did you know that PW is working on a cookbook?! I'm so excited!!

Nancy said...

That's so funny...Steve likes to read what he's having for dinner on my blog, too! He's probably been really disappointed since I haven't posted a menu in a couple of weeks...better get on that next week!