28 September 2008

Weekend Fun

Whew...it has been quite a busy weekend (a busy week, really)and now that I've had my Sunday Afternoon Nap, I finally have some clarity of thought to sit down and blog about it (the weekend that is, not the nap, although it was rather wonderful). Part of my problem this week has been that I have not been sleeping very well. I wake up feeling like I've been beaten up in my sleep and my eyes are so puffy it's absolutely ridiculous!! To the point of being laughable! My eye mask that I keep in the fridge has definitely been getting some use.
I've decided that maybe it has something to do with the fact that we've been sleeping with the windows open at night. I just love that and the weather has been so lovely and cool that I can hardly resist it. I've even been leaving them open most of the day, too, until the mid-afternoon when it starts getting hot. Well, I thought I would try leaving them closed last night to see if there was a difference this morning. And there was. I'm guessing there's something in the air with the seasons changing that is getting to me. I still felt stiff and a little tired, but my eyes were not nearly as puffy. So maybe tonight will be even better.

Now, about the weekend fun--since I'm sure you're wondering what open windows and puffy eyes have to do with that. Nothing really.
Yesterday some of our good friends invited us to their daughter's school's fall festival. So we took the kiddos over for the morning. They had so much fun at those little booths, winning their little prizes, and getting balloon toys from the clowns.

And, of course, there was also the bouncy slide and the pony cart rides, too.

After the carnival, we took them to an apple festival. Every year since we moved here we've gone to an apple festival that's held each fall in a little town about an hour away and this was the weekend. They have arts, crafts, food (think: funnel cake!), antiques, and, of course, apples and cider. Yum!! We mostly just go to buy some cider, sample a million varieties of apples, and eat some fair food. The booths are all set up in a beautiful pine grove and the kiddos always love exploring there. Here are some snapshots of the afternoon there:

apples, apples

and more apples!

sampling all of the different varieties--very fun!

taking a ride on the apple express, whoo whoo!!

keeping busy little hands out of the vendors' booths!

exploring in the pine grove

I know this has been a long post, but, hey, it was a long day! But a very fun one, the kind that gives you that good sort of tired feeling.


PinkDaisyGirl said...

That pine grove looks amazing. What a cool picture of the kids. It kind of reminds me of the one that my hubby took of the kids walking down the trail at the cider mill. Your Mr. B looks like a silly little goose too. Does he keep you laughing all the time like his daddy?

And who can leave a comment without mentioning the funnel cakes? Oh, funnel cakes, I love you. Anytime I'm somewhere that they sell them, I have to have one, preferably with enough powdered sugar to choke on at least once from inhaling accidentally. Do you do that?

Looks like it was a blast. We had a fun Saturday, but completely different. I'll probably post on Tuesday.

~ Kayren

Betsy said...

That last picture is awesome!

Lisa said...

Looks like you guys really did have fun this weekend. I think I have been to a strawberry festival that is held in the spring on the same grounds as the apple festival. I had no idea they held an apple festival. Now how did I miss that?!?

I totally understand about the puffy eyes and stiff body. I feel the same right now. I drag through almost every day. It's very sad since fall is one of my favorite seasons.

Oh, I started a blog! I really don't know how to personalize it much, but it is lots of fun. Check it out when you can!


Nancy said...

Yea! for Fall activities!!! There's nothing like it...sounds like you guys had a great weekend, too. Can't wait to hear what you think of the Apple Fritter recipe. Let me know if any part is unclear...I wrote it from memory as I'm not sure there's ever been a "written" recipe for the childhood treasure!

KC said...

WOW look at those pines.. amazing.
What a fun weekend you had.. I loved all the pictures.. Hey if you want to head over to my blog and sign the Mister Linky on my weekend Recap post.. it's there for anyone who posted about there weekend..
Glad you had such a fun weekend. Hope your eyes clear up soon.