08 October 2008

Our First Lapbook

The Princess and I completed her first lapbook today! I think I was even more excited that she was. I'd never even heard of lapbooks until maybe a year or so ago, but since I was preparing to start homeschooling The Princess and so many homeschoolers seem to make them I thought I'd look into them a little more closely. It turns out they are a great way to put together all of the things you've learned and made in a particular study--and a great resource for your child to refer to again. We kept it simple this first time around, but I'm already looking forward to making the next one!

Our study was on *Apples*. It included:

  • studying about Johnny Appleseed (I found the best book by Will Moses)
  • learning the parts of an apple
  • going to the local Apple Festival
  • where we taste-tested many varieties of apples and bought apple cider
  • making apple prints with apples and paint
  • fun activity and coloring sheets that I found online
  • making apple cake and apple dumplings (and hopefully I'll get around to that apple butter)


Betsy said...

Who knew learning about apples could be soooo fun! :)

PinkDaisyGirl said...

Lapbooks are cool, aren't they? Have you seen Dinah Zike's Big Book of Books and Activities? You can check it out here if you want:
It's about the seventh item on the list. I wasn't sure what you used to make your lapbook, but this book has ideas to make different types of "books" other than just lapbooks, all to help children with memory retention. Some of it you can use to add in to the lapbook too, by gluing it on or slipping it in the pockets, etc.

I love the apple lapbook. I wish I'd been able to do more of that when mine were that age. I was about ready to have Caboose and Buddy was just turning three.

~ Kayren

Connie said...

What a neat idea! I'll have to try it with the kiddos. By the way, you have a beautiful family.

Britt-Arnhild said...

How wonderful that you and your daughter can do this together. I wish you good luck in days and months and years to come :-)

Lisa said...

She looks so proud of herself! I would be too if I had created such a fun book!

Kari said...

Oh, I wish I'd seen that when we were down.

Elizabeth said...

What a super project!
I remember doing 'fall crafts' with my children when they were small.
They are grown up now and still look back fondly on all our dried leaves and wreathes and so on.

Blissful Nikki said...

wow, this is a great idea! We dont homeschool, but I think this would be a great way to collect Lagan's treasures from her school to keep around! :)

Michelle M. said...

If you want to join in, you can feel free to do letter "M". Have fun :)