20 October 2008

A Postcard Swap

This summer I ran across this button on my friend Betsy's blog which led to the discovery of Steviewren and her lovely blog, a little birdie told me so. She was hosting her first postcard swap and since I {heart} postcards I signed up immediately. I decided to stamp my cards (with rubber stamps). I used to stamp a lot before the kiddos came along and I am gradually starting to stamp again. I feel pretty rusty, but I had a great time getting those creative juices flowing again! Sorry I forgot to take any pics of the cards I made, I'll try to remember next time...

Eventually there were 10 of us who participated in the swap and since the first of October I have been enjoying these little treasures arriving in my mailbox. It has been so much fun! There have been all different kinds of postcards and they're from all different places. I just had to share all of this wonderful creativity with you:

a lovely picture of New York from Pat at Milli Fiori Favoriti:

a night scene of Istanbul, Turkey from Nihal at Crossroads:

a photo of a beautiful old mailbox from Willow at Life at Willow Manor:

an original photo collage from ModGirl at Modobject at Home:

a yummy recipe from Betsy at My Five Men:

a very clever crossword puzzle from Lavinia at The Birdbath Chronicles:

a beautiful original poem from Muse Swings:

a lovely hand painted card from Nana Trish at Nana's Living the Dream:

and, finally, very fun original artwork from our wonderful swap hostess,
Steviewren, at a little birdie told me so:

If you haven't already, I hope that you will take the time to visit these ladies' blogs. I know you'll have a great visit!

Thank you again, Steviewren, for hosting such a fun swap! I hope you have another one next year. And thank you, fellow postcard-swappers, I love your cards and your creativity!!


Rachel and Jacob said...

thanks it so fantastic! what a fun swap!

Kari said...

I feel so special to have made it into the crossword puzzle. =)

kari and kijsa said...

What a fun swap...that crossword puzzle looks incredible!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Nihal said...

Super! What a nice surprise to find your article dedicated for the postcards of the swap:) It seems as a treasure when I think of the time and effort used in each one of them. Would not be a nice idea to put them together in a big frame, then place on the wall. It's the idea on my mind.

Betsy said...

It was incredibly fun, wasn't it? I still have a few more to receive...it's so fun to get 'real' mail!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Those are so very cool! I love how every single one is different. What creativity! I do wish you had taken pictures of yours.

Pat said...

Hi Lola!

I did a post about the postcard swap on my blog a few days ago, and while I didn't show each one individually, I took a photo of them all in a group, so your pretty stamped "Happy Happy Fall" card can be seen there!

It was a lot of fun and now we have a lot of new blogs to enjoy!

Hugs, Pat

Shannon said...

This looks so fun! Those were all so great!

Kate said...

Wow, what a neat idea. That looks like so much fun. I'll definitely watch for this to repeat sometime so that I can join in. I love postcards too!

steviewren said...

Lora, I'm sorry you didn't take a photo of the cards you made too. You need to have your lovely card displayed along with all the others. It was lots of fun. I've got on my thinking cap, working on another fun swap for the future.

Nancy said...

Beautiful cards...such creativity! I'm afraid my creativity is fairly limited to words. I have very little talent when it comes to visual art...I admire all of you!