30 October 2008

A Pumpkin Carving Party *UPDATED*

Happy Halloween, Y'all!!
(invitation artwork by The Princess)
We hosted our first *pumpkin carving party* way back in 1999. (I was inspired by the coolest article in Martha Stewart Living that year). Since then we've hosted several more--tonight will be the fourth. They are so much fun! It's always a B.Y.O.P. (bring-your-own-pumpkin) affair and we always have chili (white and traditional). And we always have a winner who gets to wear The Pumpkin Hat. Tonight we have even more prizes! Those runners-up won't feel left out anymore.
Here's a little stroll down pumpkin-carving-memory-lane:


And now for tonight's party:


(there were a few missing for the "group" shot, I think)

And here are our "family pumpkins":



The Princess's
(She wanted more of the traditional look, but she drew out exactly what she wanted.
The eyelashes were especially important to her).

Mr. B's
(Daddy did his *Larry-Boy* style
since that's who he's dressing up as for Halloween).

It was a great party!


Nihal said...

Oh where's my Party invitation, lol;)
Hardly waiting to see your costumes, decorations, carvings.. all about it.
I'm curious if you will be able to scare us;)
Have a nice day~

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

That is VERY cool! What a fun tradition.

Kari said...

OOh! They all look great! =)

steviewren said...

Lora, I love your carriage pumpkin. It's elegant enough for Cinderella! I bet everyone had a great time. Happy Halloween!

Nihal said...

Oh guess what? I *tagged* you.
For more and the rules pls visit CrossRoads when you can Lora. Hope you let it continue at you:)
I LOVED all your pixs. What a fun night it should be for you all. Especially I'm drawn to yours, very creative and magic candle..
Happy Scary Halloween with lots of BOO's;)

Lisa said...

It looks like you guys had lots of fun! I would love a ride in Cinderella's carriage!!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I love those! I'm especially drawn to the Larry-Boy. We are Veggietales lovers in our house.

Nancy said...

What fun! You are simply amazing...how do you find the time to come up with all of these great ideas, let alone carry them out?!?! You are my hero! :)

Shannon said...

Thanks for sending me your pumpkins! They are great!

Song Lee said...

Ya know, for a brief moment I thought about Memphis after looking at that princess carriage. I had so much fun. I love you guys!

Duane and Melissa Carter said...

Lora, I loved your pumpkins! What a fun idea! I saw them earlier today on Vince's facebook. Melissa

Mrs. H. said...

Wow! Those are incredible pumpkins! :-)

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

How fun! They look great!