02 October 2008

Welcome, Fall!

I know our house is for sale and I'm supposed to be packing instead of decorating, but not having my pretty fall things out was breaking my heart! So I gave in and got them out of the attic today. I always put everything out together at the beginning of fall: generic fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. It's so nice to have them out. Besides, it makes things nicer for showing the house, right?
a front door welcome

my *everlasting* pumpkins

bags ready for some treats

the family room coffee table

aren't these the cutest coasters?!

some vintage Thanksgiving postcards

some berries for the chandelier

a grouping for the dining table

Susan Branch's AUTUMN book (wonderful!)
and a favorite fall dish

fall kitchen towels
my grandma's turkey salt & pepper shakers

some window sill decor
(one of my favorite pieces)

more vintage turkey salt & pepper shakers

pumpkin bread, anyone?

I *cheated* with this mix that I
got at the apple festival last weekend.

a back door goodbye....
come again soon!


PinkDaisyGirl said...

I think it might even make your house sell faster. I don't think there's any reason you shouldn't be decorated for the holidays. What would a prospective buyer expect? It's major holiday seaon decorating time, and you've done it very tastefully.

~ Kayren

Kari said...

I need to get out my pumpkins and scarecrow, too. =) Makes me want Chex Mix and pumpkin pie! YUMMMM

Britt-Arnhild said...

Your house is for sale?
Will you be moving far away?

Betsy said...

I love it....everything looks so festive and fall-ish! Especially love those s&p's!

KC said...

WOW that is some beautiful fall decor.. I really need to get my house clean and get the fall stuff out before fall is over.

Wendy said...

I think it will help you sell the house because it all looks so warm and inviting!

Nancy said...

Love the fall decor. I need to get mine out...just haven't been motivated since it's been in the 80s around here! Unfortunately, I "cleaned out" a lot of my fall and Christmas decor this year, thinking I would replenish when we got into the new house...but that is on hold again, so I'll have to scrounge up some Fall decor...maybe even buy a few new things. YEA!

Rachel & Jacob said...

yeah for holidays!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Love your decorations! YOu seemto know more about our area than we do! ( apple festival) Love ya so much!!! Megan