04 November 2008

Candy Overload, Anyone?

How many of you have Halloween candy bowls that look something like this? I couldn't even get all of our candy in the bowl for this picture!

While trying to figure out what to do with all of this junky goodness, I've read a couple of good posts lately with some great ideas for all of the candy surplus. Thought you might want to check them out, too: Kate at A Simple Walk and Tsh at Simple Mom both have some awesome thoughts on this.

I've been sorting through our bowl and have divided its contents into four piles.
  1. candy to use in holiday baking
  2. candy to freeze and use in future ice cream treats
  3. candy to use for our Christmas gingerbread house
  4. candy to leave in the bowl and EAT NOW!

The candy in the bowl has been significantly reduced, but there's still plenty for the kiddos to have a few a day.

I'd love to hear what you plan to do with your extra candy!


Kate said...

Thanks so much for linking me!

Great job dividing up your candy. You sure did have a lot to go through there.

Nihal said...

You're so nice about your candy-ing:) As for myself, I like to buy some candies and give them for those poor kids or even streetkids. Seeing their smile after my giving makes me happy one at heart indeed.
Before forgetting, your beautiful postcard arrived safely yesterday Lora. I loved the poem on it. My account is 7/11, and still curious for the rest. Thank You so much.
Btw, Congrat's for Obama. It was the result as I've ever dreamed, wished and voted from the heart:)

Nihal Hussein;)

Kari said...

Good luck with the upcoming sugar comas =)

KC said...

We trick or treat in both our town and our parents town.. so we have more then enough candy.. normally it is 4 kids times 2 bags full, but This year Little man was sick and didn't trick or treat in our town, so he only got one bag of candy, then the day we trick or treated in our parents town Mr Man went fishing and didn't trick or treat so this year only 6 bags full of candy not 8.

Jolanthe @ No Ordinary Moments said...

Hi Lora!!

I did go to Evangel!! :) And I'm guessing there weren't many other Jolanthes! :)