16 December 2008

As Busy As An Elf

Well, the last few days have been pretty busy around here. I've felt like an elf, just minus the striped tights and little red hat.
I'm a little behind on blog reading, too, since my computer has been at with the geek squad for almost a week now (we're waiting on a diagnosis) and I'm sharing my husband's laptop. He's in the middle of a big video editing project, so he's been on the computer almost non-stop the past few days.

Sunday night some of our best friends came over with their kiddos and we made gingerbread houses, graham cracker-style. It was so much fun! The kiddos all had a great time! My little boy really cracked us up though. Each month he gets an issue of Little Kids' National Geographic and this past month was, of course, a holiday issue. When I told him a few weeks ago that we were going to make gingerbread houses he got so excited and ran for his magazine. He opened it right to a layout on how to build gingerbread houses and told me that was the kind he was going to make. I said, "yeah, that'll be great!" and didn't really think about it again. So on Sunday night when it was time to make the houses, here he came with his magazine opened to the right page. He proceeded to lay it out on the table and insisted we help him build his house *according to the plan*. He is a little bit Type A!! And he's only 3!

The Princess decorating her cottage

Mr. B working on his *plan* (see his magazine laying in front of him!)

The Princess' finished masterpiece

Mr. B got a hold of the green sprinkles...and made *grass*!

Yesterday I was busy finishing up some Christmas gift projects. I took pictures of them all, but I'm going to wait to post them since I'm afraid that the recipients will see them if I post them now:) It's just too tempting even if I say *stop reading*:)

Today The Princess and I had a special treat. First of all, I must tell you how much she loves The Nutcracker ballet. We have a film version by the NY ballet (starring Macaulay Culkin, of all people!) and she watches it all the time. I don't mind since the music is beautiful and it's a sweet story. I've been wanting to take her to a local production, but we are on a tight budget this year and the very least expensive prices I could find on tickets were NOT in the budget. So yesterday afternoon when my friend called and said that her daughter's class was going to a morning show on Tuesday (today) and the teacher had two extra tickets--for $5 each!!--I was very happy. So off we went this morning and The Princess was so excited!! Even though it was just a amateur local production with lots of technical difficulties, it was charming and sweet and the best part was watching The Princess' face as it lit up at her favorite parts. Just precious! Thank you, Larinda!!

The Princess (in the middle) with her friends waiting for the show to start

The Princess after the show--she didn't want to talk to any of the dancers,
but she loved this nutcracker.


jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

What fun Christmassy things you're all doing! Wonderful! Great score on the show tickets!

steviewren said...

The kid's graham cracker houses turned out perfect! I made them with my Texas grands last week. We managed to put $23 of candy on them all. I'll probably post a picture this week sometime. It sounds like Christmas is in high gear around your home. Enjoy every minute.

Mrs. C said...

The graham cracker gingerbread houses are such a neat idea. I'm glad you were able to go to the play. What a great day!

Betsy said...

I love the Nutcracker! Back when The Mister and I were a double income/no kid couple, we would go away for our anniversary each year and the celebration always included seeing The Nutcracker! It's amazing! So glad you got to go!