09 December 2008

Feeling The Time Crunch

OH. MY. WORD. That banner at the top of my page is starting to freak me out!! I cannot believe how close Christmas is already. And how many things I still need to do.

We've had a couple of trips lately and that always gets me behind on the homefront. Do trips do that to you, too? I spent all of last week getting my house decorated (and I still have one little vignette to do in one room). And cleaning up from the aftermath of a trip....well, you know that isn't easy. I always try to leave the house *clean*, but somehow it never feels like that after we've unloaded the car.
So what do you have left to do to get ready for Christmas? I've got several things...
  • cleaning/preparing for our progressive dinner this Friday
  • finish a few little decorating touches
  • finish some Christmas gifts that I'm crafting
  • oh, yeah...the Christmas cards--I'm way behind there!
  • take the kiddos for their annual visit & picture with Santa
  • bake more cookies

That's all I'm listing today or I'll feel overwhelmed:) Now I need to prioritize that list and get crackin'! May you have a wonderful and productive day, too!


Betsy said...

Me, too!....all of it! I'm way behind this year!

nanatrish said...

Lora, this year is so much like the last 30 years. I always wait until the last couple of weeks. I still haven't shopped, done cards(Avery and I did start, but not finish), no baking. Christmas is the celebration of the birthday of Jesus and as a child it was so exciting. I pray we all keep the baby Jesus in focus. I know you guys will, but so many put Him to the side. I so enjoy your posts and hope to someone meet you. I'll get moving probably next week. I'm taking Avery to a church activity at Stone Mountain next Saturday so we should have a big time. Come along and join us. luv ya, trish

Lora said...

I know what you mean! It's so easy to just get overwhelmed with all of the *stuff* that comes with the Christmas season. I am continually reminding my kiddos what Christmas is really about~I just need to also remember to show them by my actions!

Angela said...

I hear ya! I am totally behind this year. It just came up so quickly and it has been a busy fall for us. Whew! I am starting on decorations this week and have to remind myself that if I can just get them done we will have at least two weeks to enjoy them before Christmas really gets here.