21 December 2008

A Memorable Family Gathering

This past weekend we were in Oklahoma City celebrating Christmas with Vince's side of the family. Everyone was gathered at his grandparents' house.
We arrived on Friday evening. After dinner we decided to drive around and see some Christmas light displays. That was a lot of fun! There was one house that had what looked like millions of lights very beautifully done and a couple of their trees just took your breath away. They looked like pure ice! Of course pictures of lights never do them justice, but I tried to take a couple.
(they had tons of *presents* piled under the trees)
We visited another home that actually had six...yes, six....metal storage buildings full of Christmas villages on display. The owner opens them each evening during the holiday season for people to go through and view. He also had a massive doll collection and about a zillion other smaller collections of random things. The collections were way over the top for me, but it was fun to see and the kiddos were absolutely enthralled!
The drive back to Vince's grandparents' was the most memorable though. I noticed that Mr. B was looking pretty sleepy (I thought) and was really quiet. Then he said "Mama, my tummy hurts." Well...I thought maybe he was just feeling hungry since he had pretty much picked at his dinner and when I asked him, he agreed. Yes, he was hungry. So we thought a snack before bed would be in order and solve the problem. All of a sudden The Princess pipes up from the backseat: "Mr. B just threw up!!"
Y'all, I don't do vomit well. It's embarrassing to admit and I thought I would improve after I became a mother. But no. I just throw up with them. It's really terrible.
So we hurried and pulled over in a random parking lot and we all (except Mr. B) jumped out: my MIL and The Princess so that they didn't get sick, too; Vince so that he could clean up Mr. B as well as possible; and myself so that I could hand Vince wet wipes while he did the clean up. Of course, I was doing all I could not to get sick as well and I thought I had it under control. We finally all got back in the truck to head home and just as I closed the door, it hit me. I couldn't take it anymore. I totally lost my dinner. I was so humiliated. But what do you do??!!
We finally made it back to Vince's grandparents' house and to bed eventually. A bath never felt so good as it did that night! What a memory! Thankfully everyone was fine after that. I guess all of the travelling just got to Mr. B.
The next day we had a big Christmas lunch and gift exchange. Even more family were there and we all had a good time together. After all of the fun, it was time to head back to Arkansas where we'll be the rest of the week. Here are some shots of some of the day's fun:
The Princess with her new Barbie
Mr. B having a grand time with his new tool kit and a box
Look what Vince got for me in the dirty Santa gift exchange!
I caught the kiddos sneaking fudge in the kitchen
The kiddos with their Aunt Alicia feeling their new cousin kicking--so precious!


Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Oh you poor thing! Definitely a memorable time. Glad your little guy is feeling better.

Lisa said...

First, let me say that I'm glad Mr. B is feeling better. What I really must say is, I'm so glad you said you don't do throw up!! I can't either. I am blessed that Rick has an iron stomach and is willing to take over in that area! I hope the rest of your Christmas visit is fun, but peaceful :-)

Terry said...

Lora you are the best. I didnt realize your throwup was after the cleanup and reload into the vehilce. I am so like oyu in that the very hint of that wonderful aroma and I am gagging like a madman. Its a good thing I wasnt with yall.
What a joy being with you guys and enjoying the grandkiddos. Sweetest kids and always make me feel loved. Yall have a Merry Christmas.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip, except the vomit. It's better out than in when you feel sick. I love the picture with Aunt Alicia. So adorable!!!! Merry Christmas!!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I love to see the lights on the trees where it comes up the tree trunks and into the branches...it looks so beautiful.

Hubby is the one who doesn't do vomit well at our house. He'd feel for you.