04 January 2009

Cutting Christmas Card Clutter

Some of you may know that we've been striving to become *greener* in our household. We still have a long way to go, but we made some major improvements in 2008 and we hope to do better yet in 2009.

Recently I found a great little idea for all of those Christmas cards that we send and receive. Now, I LOVE Christmas cards! (Strangely enough, addressing Christmas cards is one of my favorite things to do in the holiday season.) And even though our budget was as tight this year as it's ever been, I couldn't not send out cards. I just shortened my list:)

Now that the holidays are over though, it's time to sort the cards we received. Each year I always have four piles: one for those special cards to keep, two for the pictures to go into my album, three for those that I can recreate into next Christmas' gift tags and four for those to toss.

Well, this year the first three piles were the same as usual, but the fourth was different. I found a great *green* idea on Katie's blog that I just had to do.

I knew that St. Jude's Hospital sold Christmas cards, but what I didn't realize is that the children at St. Jude's created those using recycled Christmas cards sent to them by others. How cool is that?! So this year my fourth pile will go to the children at St. Jude's instead of the trash.

Check out St. Jude's website to see how you can help, too!


Angela said...

I love the Christmas card "recycling" idea! I need to do that this year. In past years I have taken the photocards sent by friends and family and updated them in our frames around the house. This year I'd love to add the tags idea - can you tell me how you do that?

Another idea I can share is that one year, my mom made each of us kids personalized Christmas tree ornaments, out of old Christmas cards. You just glue on family photos (great memory lane trip for the tree!) and cut the edges decoratively. Let me know if you want to see an example. I am going to post one to share with my childhood best friend.


Betsy said...

This is a great idea and couldn't be easier! I'm going to do it, too! Thanks for the address!

KC said...

HI Lora..
been awhile, I'm just getting all caught up on blogs, I'm so behind.
Looks like your Christmas was fun
Happy New Years to you, and hopefully I will find more blog time soon.

Michelle M. said...

I love this!! Thanks for sharing!

teachermomof2 said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing them!


Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

Lora, you have just brought a huge smile to my face! I'm so glad to see that you're sharing this project with your readers and that you've got a package ready to go, too! We're going to overload those guys :)

wholesale jewelry said...
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Kari said...

I didn't know about the card recycling program. I'll have to pass that information on.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

That is a very cool idea. Thanks for the address...I'm going to keep it handy.

You know what else is good...be a procrastinator and don't send them out for two years. Then move. That takes care of the problem, but not the way you want to.

jacker said...
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