22 January 2009

Looking Toward Spring

Some of you may remember that we've been trying to sell our house here in Alabama. Even though we've had lots of interest and have shown it a lot, you know how the housing market and economy are right now. So it doesn't seem that we'll be moving as soon as we thought. We've decided to take our house off the market for right now and try again in the Spring.

In the meantime...we're planning our first garden! Whether we're here or we move somewhere else, we are hoping to plant a vegetable garden this Spring.

So I am now in the *information gathering* stage of this. I've started reading a little about compost bins and found a great idea over at Simple Mom last week.

We're thinking of tomatoes, peppers (sweet & hot), squash, zucchini, cucumbers, strawberries, a few herbs....I'd love to hear what you think grows the easiest for beginners! Any tips you can throw my way would be greatly appreciated!


Raggedy Girl said...

I have a total black thumb but my hubby prays over all his little plants and they seem to do really well.
Roberta Anne

Lisa said...

Do you guys like okra? Dad always plants a few okra plants and they do really well. He also plants corn, tomatos, peppers & cucumbers. He plants 2 kinds of tomatoes. One is German Pinks. They are not pretty and round, but he says they taste the best. His other tomatoes (that I don't know the name for) are just the normal ones and he lets me pick them when they're green because I LOVE fried green tomatoes. He thinks there is something wrong with a person who would want to pick a tomatoe before it's ripe!

We tried potatoes last year and got a small amount. He did plant acorn squash and those did well too. It all depends on how much room you're going to have!

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I think your pictures of the veggies look great. My mom used to plant radishes every year and we'd put a little salt on them and it was so yummy. I don't have a green thumb, but my daughter and granddaughter do. They have such pretty flowers. African violets was about the only flower I ever could get to live. I can't wait to see your vegetables.

kari and kijsa said...

Just catching up on our blogging...stopping by to say hello!
kari & kijsa

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I am very much a beginner so I can't be of too much help. I tried my hand at gardening for the first time this last year. Tomatoes and cucumbers were my favorites, my peppers did well also. I'm excited to garden again this year...I used the 'square foot garden' method and really liked it.

Angela said...

I have grown Sweet 100 tomatoes (get at home depot) here in Atlanta for several years. I grow them in a large pot and just stake them up when they get too tall. I have also had good luck with those "upside down" plant hanger thingys (email me and I can give you details) - that way you don't have to stake them as much. You might also want to check out my friend Robin's site. She is in FLA but she gardens and grows all kinds of stuff - just tell her I sent you and I am sure she would give any advice she can. She regularly publishes garden reports on her blog.




Angela said...

PS Right after I read your post, I found this on Robin's site, LOL! Thought you might enjoy!


Nancy said...

Good luck to you! That is one of my first projects when we get settled into our new house...whenever that may be!

Keep us posted on the garden...wish we were closer to help enjoy the bounty! ;)