21 January 2009

Time to Get LOST Again

My very favorite show is back!! Whoo hoo!! The hubby and I have been looking forward to this night for a while now.
We celebrated by having these awesome *chili cheese dogs in beach blankets* for dinner.


nanatrish said...

That looks like such a fun yummy meal. I'll bet the kids loved it. I have never watched Lost, but I have several friends that love it. I love 24. I hope you are doing great. luv ya, Trish

Raggedy Girl said...

For my hubby too! He is so excited and I remain totally confused by this program but I love hubby and if hubby loves Lost then I love it too. The Chili Cheese Dog look good and they don't confuse me at all.
Roberta Anne

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I've never seen that show, but I know lots of people really like it. Your meal looks like a fun one...maybe I'll serve it during the SuperBowl.