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Finally Getting Organized for 2009

Well, I finally got my files from last year cleaned out and sorted. I always dread that little task, but it's never really that bad once I buckle down and do it. And this year was easier than usual.

At last I have finally found a simpler way of keeping my files. In the past I kept files individually for all sorts of things: utilities, auto, health insurance, etc... The only problem with that system was that it was always growing. I always needed another file for something else because it didn't fit in any other file. I had way too many files.

But last year I found a system that worked so much better for me. I purchased a small expanding file~I think it has 13 pockets in it. That gives me one for each month of the year and one extra for miscellaneous stuff.
This way I simply file any paperwork for that month in that month's pocket. How easy is that? And the whole file is small enough to fit neatly on my desk.

At the end of the year I just go through my little file and sort things into 3 piles: one for those things that I need to keep indefinitely, one for those things that need to be shredded and one for those things that can go directly into the recycling bin.

I still keep that larger file for the things I want to keep indefinitely. I have it all contained in a pretty basket that fits nicely under my highboy in my bedroom.
How do you file your *important* papers? Do you have an easy system or do you feel like you're drowning in paperwork?

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I have an easy filing system. I have large single drawer file cabinet, and then I have a few binders that I use.

I like your basket!
alpinekleins said…
Really cute place you have here and such a good idea - thanks for sharing! I'll stop by again soon:)

Love the basket file! That is too cute! :D I have a file storage for important files that is portable.
Betsy Brock said…
I have a little wicker drop file cart on wheels that sits beside my desk. It feels great to get the paper work sorted and filed away, doesn't it? I love the rabbit on your screen!
Lisa said…
I feel like I am drowning in paper!
Thanks for the idea....that may work perfectly!
Thanks for your comments on my basket~I love it, too! It's from TJ Maxx--they always have pretty baskets in all sizes there.

Betsy~I love my little rabbit wallpaper,too:) He's a free download from the Susan Branch website. She always has the cutest free wallpaper.
Kayren said…
That's a super cute basket. I wish I could fit my filing in that little space.

You have a great system and found something that works perfect for you...good job!

I love your idea so much that when we trudge through our paperwork I am going to make the same kind of monthly file. When we do our taxes we have a manila envelope for each type of deduction and put the receipts inside the envelope and write the figures on the outside which goes onto the account's worksheet. Then we just file the envelopes with the tax return on top with a big rubber band and in a plastic box. Each year we dump the one in the back that is ten years old. I also have two file cabinets to hold the forever papers. But I love your idea. I also thought just this morning that I am gong to make a basket that hold bills to be paid and things to be dealt with and nothing else. I am now ready to conquer paperwork. Thanks for sharing.

Have a Terrific Tuesday
from Roberta Anne
Renee said…
Thanks for the great idea!
Carla said…
Good for you! (wanna come on over and do mine?:)
Anonymous said…
ah, I am so jealous and finally inspired to clean out my files too! you did a great job. I love the photo of your desk top. that is my inspiration!
Catherine said…
I may have to give this a try. This would turn my world upside down. I've always been so detailed that it drives me nuts. What a simple concept, though!!
nanatrish said…
This looks like a great system. You have a computer area that looks so organized. Love it.
Great job Lora! I dread organizing paperwork too. I need to get to it myself soon.

I just love your desk space. It looks so inviting and cozy. I think I'd sit there for hours!
leigh ann said…
What a great desk you have! Your blog design is so cheery! Have a great day!
herb-of-grace said…
Oh wow. This is BRILLiant. I hate filing with a passion, but I'm gonna have to give this a try. It may just do the trick for me.
Lorie said…
I love it! And I love your basket! I need to get a couple for my shelf!

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