06 February 2009

He's Back! Whoo Hoo!!

Well, Vince is finally back home from his trip to Peru. Yea!! We were all so glad to see him again! He had a great time and I'm sure will be talking more about it all on his blog.

I loved this picture of him telling the kiddos all about his trip using my dad's globe (we're still at their house).

I'll be back soon now that I have my usb cord for my camera! Vince took it to Peru with him (oops!) and I couldn't find one here at my parents' house to fit my camera, nor could I get my memory stick to fit any ports on their computer. Arrrgh...oh well, I can now upload pics and post about what we've been up to. Sorry I was unintentionally scarce this week....

And I had to show you a pic that I sneaked and took at the airport last night while my mom and I were waiting for our *men* to arrive. It was a large group (I only got a shot of maybe a third of them) of family and friends who were all decked out in Red, White & Blue. They had on *Uncle Sam* hats and were waving flags--they even had a boom box with patriotic music. My mom and I thought they must be welcoming a soldier home. And they were, but not one from the US military. A Christian soldier--a missionary--who hadn't been home in 2 years. It was quite a celebration that they put on at the airport and we thoroughly enjoyed witnessing it!


Raggedy Girl said...

What a great photo. Thanks for sharing.
Roberta Anne

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Looking forward to pictures from your visit. Loved the one you shared from the airport, too. Glad Vince and your dad got back safe and sound.

Song Lee said...

Amazing story Lora, and I'm glad Vince is home. Tell the fam I say hello (especially the kiddos).

Your dad is an amazing man!

Nancy said...

Welcome home, Vince!

How fun that you got to see the welcoming party for the missionary. How very special for them!