16 February 2009

Menu Plan Monday: February 16th-21st

Well, I'm a little behind getting my menus together for the week. I just got Vince off on his trip to Kentucky. He's finally going--the youth rally he was scheduled to speak at had to be rescheduled twice because Kentucky kept getting slammed with ice storms. Bless their hearts! I hope things are finally getting back to normal there.

I thought it might be fun to get out some of my old children's cookbooks and see if there was anything the kiddos might like to make together for dinner this week. So I found this:
Does anyone remember Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys & Girls? I got it in 3rd grade--as if you couldn't tell that was from the 70's, right?!. It was my very first cookbook (the first of many more to come:).

So I flipped through it (because The Princess couldn't make a decision on anything but a dessert-ha!) and found one that I thought the kiddos might like to make: Wide-Eyed No-Crust Pizzas. We're going to try it tonight. I'll try to blog it!
There were a few dinner plans from last week that got bumped to this week due to schedule changes and leftovers. That's okay though, makes this week easy to plan!

Monday: Wide-Eyed No-Crust Pizzas* with French fries
Tuesday: Pinto beans and buttermilk cornbread
Wednesday: Crockpot ribs*, baked beans and twice-baked potatoes
Thursday: Chicken fajitas and rice
Friday: Marlboro Man sandwiches and onion strings
Saturday: going out with my mom

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nanatrish said...

May I come eat with you guys? It sounds yummy. You are so organized. Your kids must be good eaters. My granddaughter is such a picky eater. Your soup looks so delicious.