01 February 2009

My Latest Addiction

Well, I've been a little scarce around blogland these past few days for several reasons.

First, we drove up to Arkansas on Thursday so that Vince could fly together with my dad on their trip to Peru (YES, his passport came in the nick of time on Wednesday...whew!!). That way the kiddos and I can hang out and have fun with my mom and sister for a few days and when Vince gets back we can swing on up to Tulsa to meet our new nephew who will be born on this coming Tuesday. Yea!!

Thank you to all who have been praying for my SIL. She is hanging in there, so ready for Tuesday to come!

Secondly, I've simply been busy getting Vince off on his trip, taking care of the kiddos and enjoying time with my mom and sister.

Thirdly, I've developed a new addiction: Facebook. I know, I kept saying that I wasn't going there because I already spend so much time here, but I kept peeking at my hubby's page and seeing tons of old friends that I wanted to reconnect with and I just couldn't help myself! What can I say?!

Be honest: how many of you are into Facebook, too? Email me and we can be friends!!:)


Raggedy Girl said...

Almost everyone I know is doing Facebook. They all seem to love it. I hope it is lots of fun. This is where I have to draw a line in the sand. I cannot add another thing to my life unless I get rid of something. I am new to blogging so it is my addiction. I cannot walk through a room without thinking of snapping photos.
Roberta Anne

Betsy said...

No Facebook for me...sounds fun, but blogging is enough time already! Hope you enjoy it!...and the little trip seeing family!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I was hoping that your absence was just you being busy getting your family to Arkansas and Vince off on his trip. Glad that your SIL is still hanging in there and I hope that her cough is getting better.

No Facebook for me. Blogging was really my first attempt at anything on the internet, and it's all I can handle and keeps me plenty busy. Have fun with it though. Hope we'll still see you plenty around here!

Sharon said...

I can't even keep up with blogging but funny enough last night someone added me as a friend and I didn't know I had even set it up but there I was on facebook. I don't like my chances of staying involved but it does look good.

Lisa said...

I think you may already know this, but I do have a facebook. Blogging is definitely my addiction though....not necessarily because I blog all the time, but I love to read them every day! I check my facebook a few times a week though and have been able to talk to some friends that I haven't seen in years. Have a good week!

Nancy said...

I am on FB!!! Honestly, it's part of the reason I'm so scarce in the blogosphere lately, too. It's so easy to just pop on FB and catch up with so many people and make one or two comments without having to come up with a whole post, pics, etc. I'll try to look you up!

Angela said...

I'm on there too! Now you can be addicted like all the rest of us. Seriously, it is hard to keep up with blogging and FB and regular email and LIFE, LOL! But I'm working on it. I'd love to be friends!

Jen said...

I love FB! I am addicted! I love reading your blog and would love to be your FB friend. I'll look you up!