02 February 2009

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Overheard while the kiddos were playing Superman/Supergirl:

The Princess: "what's on your shoulders?"
Mr. B: "it's my cape."
The Princess: "you look like an old lady."
Said by The Princess when we laughed at the "old lady" remark:
"Don't laugh at me, it makes me nervous."
While curling The Princess' hair:

The Princess: "are you almost finished?"
Me: "this is the price of beauty...it takes time to be beautiful"
The Princess: "I'm already beautiful"
While playing *I Spy* in a restaurant:

Mr. B: "I spy something gray"
(after many wrong guesses...)
Mr. B: "It's Nana's hair!"

In the bathroom stall of the same restaurant (while another person was in the only other stall!):

Mr. B: "Mama, you have a big bottom!"

We've been laughing a lot lately!!!


Song Lee said...

I can hear their little voices right now. How funny!

Raggedy Girl said...

It is really hard to type when laughing this hard.
Roberta Anne

Rachel and Jacob said...

heheheeee. thanks for making me laugh tooo

Lisa said...

Kids say the funniest thing. Doesn't it make you feel wonderful to have them comment on your butt? Harmony has done the same thing, then asked where I got "my big bottom"....I was seriously tempted to tell her it was all their fault and not to worry, her's would come one day!! I withstood the temptation though, and have chosen instead to remember this when she grows up & has her own kids ;-)

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Oh, Lora, you have your own little comedians, too! At least I haven't had the bottom comment...and hopefully mentioning it was not my curse.

Nancy said...

I've had the last one told to me in a public restroom on more than one occasion...while the other stalls were occupied. Children can be so humbling...and so entertaining!