19 March 2009

Fruit Salad with Dressing

For some reason we had an unusual abundance of fruit in our house this past week. Plus there was all that whipping cream leftover from what I used for Vince's birthday cake. So...I decided to whip up some fruit salad and some fruit salad dressing~my grandma's recipe yet again.

Fruit Salad Dressing
(my grandma)
2 eggs
4 Tbls. flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup orange juice
1/4 cup lemon juice
15 oz. can crushed pineapple, juice reserved
14 oz. can fruit cocktail, juice reserved
1 cup whipping cream
Mix eggs, flour, sugar and all four juices together in a saucepan; cook well, stirring often, until mixture is thickened and starts to bubble. Set it aside to cool. (You can even do this step a day ahead).
When juice mixture is cooled, whip the cream until stiff; fold in the juice mixture.
In a large bowl, combine the crushed pineapple, fruit cocktail with all of your favorite chopped fresh fruit; serve with the dressing.
I'm sorry that I haven't been posting as regularly this week. I actually had a bunch of posts all planned out and scheduled, but for some reason Blogger isn't publishing them when they're scheduled. We've been super busy~which is why I had them scheduled in the first place~so I don't always get back right away to make sure they've published. I'll try to do better:)


Raggedy Girl said...

Nice recipe and thank you for sharing. You do just fine with posting. I put all my dear friends on my blog roll and when one posts they pop to the top, so when I have time I sit down and start at the top and read until I hit one I have already read and commented on. It is so easy peasy and I rarely miss a post.

Have a Thankful Thursday
from the Raggedy Roberta Anne

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

This sounds yummy! Does it end up tasting kind of like that cold cream cheese fruit dip you can buy at the store (Marzetti's)? I know yours doesn't have cream cheese, but it just looks like it might in the picture.

How was your trip?

Betsy said...

This does look good and dresses up a bowl of fruit quite nicely!

Lora said...

I know that dip you're talking about, Kayren, but this is totally different. It's very light in texture and fruity in flavor!