21 March 2009

A Little Update

Well, it's a rainy Spring morning here in Arkansas. Yes, we're here again~thus the busy week I was talking about earlier. We came to celebrate The Princess' birthday with our family. So far it's been a good trip.

We detoured through El Dorado, AR on Wednesday because Vince had been invited to speak at a church there that evening. It was a very long day for the kiddos and I ended up staying at the hotel and putting them to bed early (after a swim in the indoor pool though:). We had fun!

Did I mention that Mr. B has a corneal abrasion? Early Monday morning he came and crawled in bed with me complaining that he'd poked himself in the eye, but he went right back to sleep as soon as he crawled in and even seemed fine when he woke up. However, in just a little while he was seriously complaining and I could tell he was in some pain. We weren't able to get into the doctor till late that afternoon and he spent pretty much the whole day lying on the sofa keeping his eye closed. It was so sad! We got him all fixed up at the doctor's though and now I have the joy of holding him down twice a day to put drops in his eye. ha!! Have you ever *sat* on a 3 year old and pried his eye open to put drops in?! Exhausting!! But he's doing great now.

Oh~we have had a couple of showings for our house in AL, but no news yet. Thank you so much for your prayers concerning that! We are ready to get moved and settled!

For a few more days we will be here in the Van Buren/Fort Smith, AR area enjoying some time with our family though. Tomorrow is the party for The Princess!! So I'm off to bake cupcakes.......


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Happy cupcake baking, and can't wait to see party pics.

Continued prayers for a quick sale on your house.

I'm remembering that sitting on a three year old for anything medicinal is about like holding my cat down to get drops in his eye, which we've been doing for the last week. I agree...exhausting!

Lisa said...

Poor Mr B! Poor you too for having to sit on him to put the drops in :)
I do remember sitting on a 3 year old....maybe because it hasn't been too long since I've had to do it with Harmony...but only to give her some meds she didn't want to take! I've had to sit on all of my kids at some point....I used to have to sit on Zoe to suction her nose out when she was little....boy did she scream! I'm glad she can blow her nose on her own now :)
Are you taking pics of the cupcakes? I can't wait to see them!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Sorry to hear about your little guys' eye...hope he is recovering well.

I want to see pics of the cupcakes!