02 March 2009

Menu Plan Monday: March 2nd-8th

I'm happy to report that last week was a successful menu planning week! I say this because I've had a few flops with the family lately and I was feeling a little frustrated about that--ok, A LOT frustrated about that! ha!

This week we're celebrating Vince's birthday. It's tomorrow, but I'm cooking him a special birthday dinner tonight since we are going to go to Huntsville tomorrow to celebrate. I let him pick the menu and everything. He chose something I've never really prepared at home, but I think it'll be easy enough. It's something that was our favorite meal for years at Zio's: Straw and Hay. It's really just fettuccine alfredo with mushrooms, peas and ham added. It's very yummy! I'm seriously thinking of getting out my pasta machine and actually making homemade fettuccine~but we'll have to wait and see about that. I haven't made homemade pasta in years, but it is amazingly delicious! For dessert I'll be making our favorite version of his favorite cake: Black Forest Cake. Yum!!

I'll be using these cookbooks from my collection:

So here we go...

Monday: Straw & Hay*, salad, bread, special birthday cake*
Tuesday: celebrating Vince's birthday out
Wednesday: Beef & broccoli stir fry, egg rolls
Thursday: PW's ranch chicken, loaded mashed potatoes, salad
Friday: Mahi Mahi (still deciding on a recipe for this~any thoughts?)
Saturday: Fondue* night

*Recipes to follow throughout the week

Happy Cooking this week to you!!


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Raggedy Girl said...

The Straw and Hay sounds really good. I admire so much women who make plans ahead of dinner time as their families get jello...smiles.

Have a Wonderful Day
from Roberta Anne

Betsy said...

All of those dinners sound delish! And Happy Birthday to Vince! :)

Nancy said...

Black Forest Cake AND homemade pasta! I'm not sure we can be friends anymore...you might officially be TOO domestic for me! ;) Seriously, sounds like a wonderful week...wish Vince a Happy Birthday from the Springfield clan!

Lora said...

Yeah, Nancy, I think I'm being a little too ambitious today-ha! But the past few years I've really slacked on making Vince' fave cake, etc., on his b-day. So I guess I'm trying to make up for it all in one year:)

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

When we make Mahi Mahi, we just fry it up with a little olive oil in a grill pan on the stove top and season it with Mrs. Dash and a little salt. I go heavy on the Mrs. Dash because I love it so much. I sprinkle it on the top side, and then when I flip it over I sprinkle it on the other side. It's yummy.

I agree with Nancy on the over-domestication! Making your own pasta...my goodness...