08 March 2009

Menu Plan Monday: March 9th~15th

I'm feelin' good! We had another week of successful dinners with the kiddos! Whoo hoo!! I'm a happy mama:)
And I have to tell you that PW's Ranch~Style Chicken was so yummy! You really should try it~my whole family loved it!

One night the menu (mahi mahi) got bumped to this week because we ended up having dinner at some friends' house. That was very fun! We had breakfast-for-dinner--can you say: chocolate gravy?! I've got to learn to make that stuff!

I'm having fun trying to meet my personal menu planning goals of at least one meatless meal a week, plus incorporating more new recipes from my cookbook collection. This week I'm using recipes from these cookbooks/recipe collections:

Monday: dinner at some friends' house, I'm making dessert: chocolate chip meringue cookies* (from The Chocolate Deck)
Tuesday: a pot o' beans* (from Jan Karon's cookbook) with buttermilk cornbread
Wednesday: baked chicken breasts with veggies
Thursday: Mahi Mahi, baked potatoes, veggie
Friday: Small Group Night, I'm making Cincinnati Chili* (from A Taste of the Midwest)
Saturday: Loaded BBQ Potatoes
Sunday: TBA

Happy dinners to you this week, too!

For more menu planning inspiration hop over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.


Snow White said...

I love PW's recipes... I made her baked fudge last week, and of course, it was amazing. have a blessed week.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I didn't know there was a Mitford cookbook. How fun is that! Is this the first time you've used it or can you tell me if it's good and worth getting? I love the Mitford books. I think I'm going to start re-reading them again pretty soon.

Did you see from my menu what I ended up doing with my PW ranch chicken? We ended up having it the next night and not the same one as you. It was very good, but another messy stove for me. I had three nights of serious stove clean-up. I was going to do Mahi Mahi this week, but I couldn't face cleaning the stove afterwards, so maybe next week. (Did you see my note last week on how I do Mahi Mahi?)

Have a great week, Lora!

Lisa said...

I checked out PW's ranch-style chicken when you posted on last week's menu plan. It looked so good...and pretty easy. I think I may try it!

Congrats on a successful week of dinner!

Raggedy Girl said...

I had somehow deleted PW from my blog roll, thanks for sharing. I put her back. The chicken recipe looks so good.

Roberta Anne

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Lora

Blogger just ate my first commnet...oops!

I love your menu planning idea. It's just thr two of us at home now so I ahve to learn how ro reduce the samounts that I cook -- we have lots fo leftovers...lol.

I love taking a blind stab into one of my cookbooks and making whatever comes up -- it's fun way to challenge myself.

Going over to check PW's chicken recipe ..Thanks!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

sorry for all the typos..lol... I was trying to type fast ..never works for me!

Angela said...

Looks great Lora!
I am with you on the cooking from books/magazines. Almost all of my mags and cookbooks are crammed with little sticky notes where I've tagged things I want to try...someday! Yesterday I got motivated and made two recipes (one from Giada and one from Gourmet) that were both AWESOME. I will post them soon. And the PW ranch chicken sounds great - I need to try that one in upcoming weeks as we bought some chicken on sale this week.

Have a great Monday!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I made the PW ranch style chicken on Valentines Day for the family. It was a big hit with everyone.

I always love seeing your menu.