20 April 2009

Beginning To Garden

Well, I did it! I bought the very first plants for our container garden. I really wanted to do a raised bed garden, but what with our house being for sale and hoping to move soon we thought it would be wiser to keep it small and in containers. I'd really hate to have a lovely little garden patch in the backyard and have to leave it for the next owners~they're already getting *my* blueberry bushes {sigh}.
So here's what we picked:
a red bell pepper plant
(because I love those and they are ridiculously expensive at the store)

cherry tomatoes

green bell peppers

jalapeno peppers and more green bell peppers
I still have another cherry tomato plant and three Roma tomato plants to put in pots. I ran out of large pots and had to make a quick trip to the store. I plan to get them planted today. I also picked up some seed packets: sweet basil, cilantro, garlic chives and lettuce. I've never grown herbs from seed before, but I thought I'd give it a try. Lettuce is the only vegetable I've ever grown in a container and it did well the first time, hopefully it will this time, too.
I'm excited about growing some of our own food! I'm considering this year a good learning experience, then next year I'll be ready for that raised bed:)
We are total garden novices though, so any tips you have for me (like what is a safe/organic way to keep bugs off of my tomatoes and peppers) I'd love for you to leave them for me in the comments!


Jamie said...

I'm a novice too, so no tips from me. Looks like you made some good choices. I'm with you...peppers are so expensive, I'll be growing my own as well.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...


I had this in my email inbox today from a blog/website I'm subscribed to...I clicked on the 'I can't view this email' so I could get a link to put here for you:
Among other things, it has at least two links for gardening tips, one of which is for beginners. So it might be just what you're looking for!

So since I'm no personal help, I'll just give you what I can. :)


Michelle M. said...

I have never had a garden. The best I have done is keep a basil plant alive for a long time :)

Good luck with the garden. I think that is something I could maintain. I should try it out.

Lora said...

thanks for this link! I have this blog in my faves, but don't read it all the time. I'm definitely bookmarking this post though to read it thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lora, I really like your site, and thanks for the comment on mine! I added you to my blogroll.

Your garden looks great. I'm about to do start a small garden at our house too. My first one, so I guess we'll see if I have a green thumb.

Good Luck!

Betsy said...

Oh, this makes me want to put in our garden...but we are about a month away, still. The Mister did roto-til the beds over the weekend, though!

I hope your pots do well! Your little cherry tomato already has a bloom! How fun!

Angela said...

I hope everything grows well for you! I also planted a container garden (herbs in a barrel planter) and I planted sweet 100's tomatoes (my favorite!) I am also trying my hand at jalapeno peppers. We eat a lot of them in the summer, and I thought I would see if we can grow them. We shall see!