16 April 2009

Celebrating Milestones

Today Heidi @ Mt. Hope Chronicles has invited us to share about milestones and how we mark them in our families. Now, granted, my kiddos are only 6 and 3, so we haven't had just tons of milestones yet, but there have been a few so far. Mostly birthdays.

We love to celebrate birthdays at our house! I personally like to celebrate mine for at least a week or so:)

Something that I've been doing since The Princess' very first birthday is that I always make their birthday cake or cupcakes myself (with the exception of one year for The Princess, a friend made it because we were in the middle of moving). I realize the day may come when they request something from their favorite bakery, but for now I really enjoy having that privilege. I love having their input, getting their ideas and requests. When they grow up I want them to say things like, "Hey, Mom, remember the year you made______!" The cakes that my mom made for me growing up are the ones that I really remember fondly--not the generic ones from the bakery.

I'm looking forward to celebrating many more milestones in the future!

How about you? What do you do to celebrate the big moments? I'd love to hear!

And drop by Heidi's place to read more of what others have to say about this, too.


Heidi said...

We love birthday celebrations and homemade cakes around here, too. I think (hope) the kids will look back on those and realize the effort their moms made to make their birthdays special... and feel loved. Thanks for sharing, Lora. I enjoyed the photos!

SmallWorld at Home said...

My kids are all older than yours, and I can assure you they still want homemade cakes rather than store bought!!

Raggedy Girl said...

We always let the Birthday child choose the menu for the night. And my hubby has sang his own Anniversary song to me for 34 years.

From Roberta Anne- The Raggedy Girl

nanatrish said...

I love this post. I guess I hadn't thought of it, and this will sound goofy, but my husband and I seem to celebrate things at Red Lobster. It's not too expensive and we enjoy it. It kind of sounds funny but that's how we roll. I think your kids will always remember those birthdays. I remember my mother giving me a party when I was 8 and it's a special memory.