17 May 2009

Menu Plan Monday: May 18th~23rd

This has been an interesting week of dinners. It started off a little rough..ok, A LOT rough. The creamy garden spaghetti was a total flop and I really considered making them eat cereal for dinner the rest of the week. But that would mean I would have to eat cereal, too, and that's just not appealing. So I relented and got back in the kitchen:)

I'm so glad I did because the next night's meal was incredible. We've found a new fave chicken recipe!! The Lexington-style grilled chicken was really delicious! You should definitely try it. It's spicy, so if you're not into that or you have little ones then pair it with a mild side like a baked potato. They compliment each other well. My whole family LOVED it!

Now I'm ready to clean out the freezer some more this week. Our move is getting closer. My sister is coming from Arkansas today to stay with us and help out with the kiddos and packing. She'll be here until we move at the first of June and I'm so looking forward to having her here. And lucky for me, she's not a picky eater:)

So here's the plan for this week:

Monday: bbq loaded potato casserole
Tuesday: TBA
Wednesday: steak stir fry, Asian green beans, egg rolls & cream cheese wontons
Thursday: slow-cooker honey mustard lime chicken, peas & carrots, macaroni & cheese
Friday: (small group)
Saturday: lentils & rice burritos (new!)
What have you got planned for this week?


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Now me, I love cereal, so I would have been great with that. It's my family that would have gotten tired of it after one night.

I looked at the chicken recipe. It does look yummy. I linked it to my favorites so I can try it later, maybe Saturday since I don't have a plan for that day yet. Except that we don't have a grill yet so I'd have to cook it indoors with my grill pans, and then my stove would get messy, and that's not so appealing.

I didn't even look at the spaghetti since it said garden with it...I figured it had green stuff in it and that would be food in my food! :)

Have a great week, if you can packing. At least your sister is there...

Beverly said...

bba loaded potato casserole sounds delicious. I will have to try that. Have a Blessed week.

Jolanthe said...

just popping over to say hi! :)