15 May 2009

Old Friends

( New Year's Eve 1985)
I've had photos on the brain these past couple of days. Old photos, to be specific. Photos of me and my friends growing up, to be even more specific. All of my friends on Facebook are probably madly searching for revenge photos to post in response to the ones I've posted lately. heehee

(at Evangel University 1990)

I've only been on Facebook for a few months now, but have reconnected with so many friends from my much younger years. Friends from elementary, jr. high and high school. Friends from youth camp and college. Friends from around the world, some of whom I haven't seen in years and years.

(with friends in Ohio 1998)

Yesterday as I was starting to pack up my photo albums I decided to take the opportunity to scan some fun old photos of myself and friends to share with them on Facebook. It started quite the online conversation between friends across the nation. Very fun!

(a lifelong best friend, Kathy, in 1987)

It is amazing to me how the simplest of reconnections brings back such a flood of memories. For a moment I felt 16 years old again!

(meeting friends from Canada and Ohio 1998)

I've been so blessed with wonderful friends in all the different stages of my life and I'm so thankful that many of them have been with me through every stage so far. I'm very thankful for my newer friends, but there is just nothing like someone who has known you forever and a day. It's a special bond.

(with Kathy in 1980)

I've always been a letter writer and a phone talker. In recent years though it's been much harder to find time to sit down and write a letter or to find just the right moment to have a long phone conversation without a million interruptions. So I'm grateful for the small moments where I can connect even if only for a few minutes.

(my Canadian college roomies visiting Arkansas 1991)

As I am preparing for our next move in life I am also making plans for how I can keep in touch with our dear friends that we've grown to love here in Alabama.

(with Nancy from Chocolate Ink 1973)

I'd love to hear how you keep in touch with your friends and if it makes your heart feel young again when you do connect with the *old* friends!


becky @ misspriss said...

You went to Evangel? I loved that school, but just couldn't afford it. I did do the overnight visit and it was a blast.

Lora said...

Yes, I went there for 3 semesters. It's a great school! I had some wonderful times and made some good friends there.