01 May 2009

T.G.I. Friday!

Well, it has been one busy week! I was so glad to sleep in a little this morning. In case you're wondering why I'm so tired (and why I've been a little scarce around here), we've been attending a conference in Arkansas this week. It has been wonderful though~well worth the exhaustion! Now I'm ready for a slower-paced weekend and time to absorb some of the nuggets of truth and wisdom I've gotten at the conference.

I thought I'd share a couple of new blogs with you today.

The first one is authored by one of my cousins, Serina:
Simple Solutions~Tangible Results
She has recently begun this blog to share some of her amazing grocery budgeting tips, recipes, and frugal ideas. I saw her at the conference I attended this week and picked up one of her booklets (which is listed on her sidebar). It is chock-full of great stuff! Go check her out!!

The next one is by a real-life friend, Stephanie:
God made dirt....and dirt won't hurt
She has two little boys (can you tell by the title of her blog?:) and she's begun chronicling her adventures as a mom. It's a very fun blog~definitely give her a visit!

Have a great Friday! I'll talk to you soon!


Jamie said...

Have a super weekend! I'm going to check out the links.

Betsy said...

enjoy the weekend!...and rest!

Stephanie said...

Lora, thank you so much for sharing my blog! It was a great week. My boys are exhausted, and I'm sure your kids are too. I hope you get refreshed this week.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Sounds fun...thanks for sharing. Hope you got your rest over the weekend!