18 June 2009

Boxes, Weeds and Packing Fun Facts

I think all of these boxes are starting to get to me. We are making tons of progress though. I promise to have some pictures for you soon!

Today I worked more on unpacking and getting decor up. I'm still looking for stuff I can't find~despite my fairly well-doctumented packing list. I'm a little embarassed to say that it totalled 414 boxes. There were lots of little boxes in there though!! Seriously, how does a family of four have that much stuff?! I am really the queen of the keepsake~I admit it!

Here are some packing list fun facts for you:
  1. Some people think I'm really weird for numbering and listing my boxes. I thought everybody did that! I mean, how do you know you got everything after the move?!
  2. I had 66 boxes of kitchen things. This number does include both dishes and pantry items.
  3. We had 43 boxes of books. Yes, we like to read!
  4. The Christmas boxes came in for a total of 38. I {heart} Christmas!

Today Vince worked on that front bed of weeds. He is literally digging out the shrubs (once he finds them in the weeds!) and them replanting them after weeding, laying that black cloth, putting in top soil and mulching. Plus there was no border on the bed, so he is being very resourceful with some of the leftover lumber from the kiddos' beds. He's got his table saw out cutting small posts into lovely little edge trim. It looks so nice!! I'll take pics in the morning.

I'm signing off for a good night of rest now.


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Hubby quit numbering our boxes in the upper 200's or low 300's on the list. They were not by category, although if I'd done them they might have been, or if I'd had a complete list I would have gone back and tallied them up and seen how many of what I had. Oh, well, don't plan to move again and figure that out! I just know that we had over 500, could have been 600, but now I don't feel so bad knowing that your family of four had that many and we have six people. Ha, ha!

Heather and Reese said...

I can imagine you would have that much stuff. After our fire, they brought in two commercial sized dumpsters to throw all our stuff away. I was schocked at the amount of stuff we had.

So, you seriously number and label every box? I've never had to move before (at least not move in the normal sense) and I can't even think about how much time and energy it would take to number and label exactly what is in every box! You are amazing! You too, Kayren, that's a huge job!!!

I can't wait to see pics!


Mrs. C said...

Hope you're having fun settling in and unpacking. It is a lot of work though. Good luck with everything.

I always label my boxes and write some of the contents on the flap. It makes for an organized move.

Don't work too hard!!!

Nancy said...

I've already started packing (in faith) and numbering my boxes. This is the first time in all my moving that I've used this system. It already seems easier!

Lora said...

kuddos for going ahead and packing! You can never start too soon:) And, yes, I really think the numbering/listing system is easier. Several times already since moving we have been able to easily locate something b/c we knew what # to look for.