08 June 2009

Menu Plan Monday...I Wish!

I am really missing some regular routine these days. It won't be long though...things are slowly, but surely getting unpacked. And we plan to actually have a refrigerator by Wednesday. That will probably speed up the menu planning process, don't you think?!

Did I mention that the people who bought our house in Alabama also wanted the fridge? Well, they did and we said "yes". It all worked out for the best though because our old one wouldn't have worked in our new house anyway. And I get a bigger one~yea!! Next: a deep freeze! Then I'll really be out-of-control with the menu planning-ha!
And...in the spirit of keepin' it real, I thought I'd post some pics of what my new house currently looks like.

Inspiring, isn't it? This is why I haven't had time to blog and, oh, how I've missed it!! It's getting better though. One by one, I'm tossing those boxes out the door!


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

We want to get a deep freeze and an extra fridge too, for all that milk we go through.

I'm so glad you posted the pictures of your boxes. Makes me feel like I wasn't the only one...remember those days last year when that's what I posted about, and that was all I posted about when I actually DID post anything. I missed it, too, and was so glad to get back to some normalcy.

Looking forward to seeing you back more often. Have fun getting everything together. And congrats on the new bigger fridge!

Betsy said...

I'm sooo jealous of the new bigger fridge! I have the deep freeze, but oh, how I want a bigger fridge! :)

Michelle M. said...

That's what my house looked like a few weeks ago! You can do it!!!

Good luck with the unpacking and picking our a new fridge. We had to get one for our new house, too. It was fun. Enjoy!

Simply Sara said...

Good luck with the unpacking! My house looked he same way last year! (Only I got off the hook and my mother-in-law did most of the unpacking, because I was on bedrest with our third!)

I'm jealous of the bigger fridge! I NEED a bigger fridge- for the milk alone!
Oh, and I'm with you on the deep freeze, I don't think I could live without ours :)

Angela said...

I can totally sympathize, because I am out of my routine too and it's driving me nuts. But you'll be unpacked in no time! When you come back, I added you to a tag on my blog. Enjoy whenever you get to it!