17 June 2009

*A Work In Progress*

Last night a very good friend, Ashley, came over to give me a hand with some of the decor in the house. Most of my decor I've used in several houses and still like it very much. But sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes to look at it and come up with some new ideas on how to use it. Ashley & her mother formerly owned a home decor/antiques shop where I worked for five years. She is so talented with this sort of thing! So since my brain is a little frazzled with all of the packing/moving/unpacking, I decided to call her and say *help*! :)
We got quite a bit accomplished: some things are up on the wall, some are placed waiting to be hung. Some things we simply grouped together for a specific room after brainstorming about them. I plan on getting much more accomplished today!!
Hopefully by the end of today I'll be able to take some *completed* shots. But for now here is just a glimpse of some things by the front entryway.


Michelle M. said...

I need your friend to come over to my house! I haven't done much decorating at all. You are way ahead of me :)

Betsy said...

Me, too! Can I borrow her when you and Michelle are done? ;)

steviewren said...

It looks like the 2 of you are over to a great start. Good luck with a big job!

Betsy said...

Lora, I love the red HOME sign. Can you tell me where you got it?

Lora said...

Thank you! It's by a company called Danielson Designs and I got it at a local store. Here's the company's website though: http://www.danielsondesigns.com/default.aspx?AcceptsCookies=no

They should be able to give you a local retailer for their products. They have really great stuff!!

Heather and Reese said...

What fun! So glad you have a friend to help you out.



Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

After she goes by Betsy's house, send her up north a little further! I like the red sign too!