02 July 2009

Little Blessings

This week we had a wonderful little blessing in our lives.

As some of you may know--especially those who live here--the South has been experiencing quite the heat wave! It's been HOT, HOT, HOT! So hot that you just don't even want to go outside...unless you have a pool to jump into. Which we did not. But we didn't want to have to keep the kiddos inside too much either.

Our little town actually has a wonderful city water park (big slides and all), but it is pretty expensive. Especially for a family of four and especially if you'd like to be there everyday-ha!

So Vince and I had been discussing purchasing one of those larger inflatable pools, but even the sale prices we'd seen were really stretching our already-stretched budget. Then I saw a sale paper for a local store that had a smaller size for a very reasonable price--something that we could afford and would be perfect for the kiddos.

So I went right over to check them out. However, I must tell you that on my way there I was praying about some things while driving (when you're alone in the car, this is a great opportunity to pray!) and, among other things, I specifically prayed for favor in making a wise decision about purchasing the pool. I even prayed about a certain feature for the pool.

Well, when I got there, they were totally out. Very disappointing, yes. So I inquired about a rain check (they couldn't guarantee they'd get any more) and about a replacement (they weren't interested). Finally I asked if they had a store in the neighboring city (they did) and if they could call and see if they had any left (they said they had "plenty").

So I hopped in my car and drove 20 minutes or so to the other store only to find out they didn't have any. The manager had misspoken because he had seen a few left the night before. He was very nice and very apologetic. And I was, once again, very disappointed. Especially since he'd said they had "plenty". Before I could really say anything though, he said "the only way I can see to make you happy is to give you this next size up for ____ (nearly half off and the price of 2 visits to the local water park)". That came to just a little bit more than the one I originally had gone there for, plus that pool had the specific feature I had prayed about! I said "I'll take it!"

I felt so blessed! We were able to afford a great little pool for the kiddos and it's actually big enough for us to cool of in, too--yea! We'll more than get our money's worth out of it during this summer, too.

God is good. He even thinks of the little things.


Kari said...

It was great yesterday! =)

Lisa said...

God is full of blessings, isn't He? Glad to see that you all won't melt this summer!!!

Betsy said...

I pray when I'm alone driving, too! :)

What a wonderful blessing! I agree, a backyard pool is just a great thing...almost a 'must' for summer!
We have had these same pools for years...starting out with the small ones and upgrading about every 2-3 years as the boys have grown. They are great!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

How wonderful!!! I remember having one in our backyard when the kids were younger and having all four of them in it...probably one about the size of yours...the pool and the kids! It was so nice for them to be able to go out back and play and cool off. Of course, it was 63 again for the high temp today...don't be jealous.

Jenni said...

Those little pools are SO great! And so is God!