19 July 2009

Menu Plan Monday: July 20th~25th

Well, after 19 long days, Vince is finally coming home today!!! I cannot wait!! In case you didn't know, he has been on the road doing guest speaking in Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. He's been pretty busy. And we've been missing him like crazy here on the home front. I have done my best to stay busy and keep the kiddos busy, but I'm ready for *Daddy* to be home again:)

And can I just say, I'm really not cut out for keeping up the house AND the yard. Bless his heart, the first thing he's going to need to do when he gets home is mow and weed-eat. I'm sure the neighbors are lovin' me right now~especially since all of my surrounding ones are in their yards constantly working. And the other half of that front landscaping bed that Vince hasn't gotten to yet....it's embarrassing.

But on the upside, I've remembered to water the garden (which is doing great, by the way) and the front bed that he did get redone. And I remembered to put out the trash each week. But I did let the water in the pool turn green...oops. Still trying to figure all of those chemicals out.

And I'm looking forward to some good meals this week: (UPDATED)

Monday: chicken fajitas w/rice
Tuesday: birthday dinner for my sister at Emmy's German Restaurant (yum!)
Wednesday: stuffed peppers (from the freezer) w/salad
Thursday: DATE NIGHT!!
Friday: ribs w/baked beans & twice-baked potatoes
Saturday: grilled steaks w/baked potatoes

What have you got cooking this week?

If you need inspiration, head over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.


dddiva said...

Your menu looks great- glad you will be getting your hubby back, I know how rough that can be.

Kirsten said...

Yeah for you that Vince will be back! Jon travels several times a year for extended time and it sure does make my heart grow fonder! However, I see a little problem with your menu plan for the week. There is not a date night while the kids go to my parents night listed! LOL

Lora said...

You are so right! Not that I'd forgotten about having a date night, but totally forgot to include it on my menu plan--guess I got carried away:) Because we are definitely having a date night!!

Becca said...

Everyone's fajitas are making me crave Mexican food lol

AudreyO said...

I'll come on Saturday...I love steak. And what a perfect companion, a baked potato.