08 July 2009

The Tour Part 2: The Kiddos' Rooms

Some of you have mentioned wanting to see the loft beds that Vince built for the kiddos, so today I'm showing off their rooms. I took these a week or so ago and I've since added some more touches, but to take more pics would require cleaning them again...and that's just too much work! haha

The Princess' bed is something I would have loved when I was a little girl.

Her very own playhouse right inside her room! Vince got his inspiration from Pottery Barn Kids catalogs, did a little research online and then made his own *pattern*. I think he did an amazing job!! Inside there's room for her kitchen, her Barbie house and a few more treasures.
Now, I have to admit, changing the sheets on a loft or bunk bed is quite the feat! I'm sure I look hilarious laying prostrate on there trying to stretch the sheets across!! In fact, I crack up at myself:) But at least The Princess can make her own bed each morning and I don't have to climb up there every day.
This is her dresser. It actually belonged to my grandparents and is part of a set that I used from age 7 till I got married. I'm saving the bed and nightstand for her to use later on.
This little shelf has her mini tea set collection and all those Madame Alexander dolls she's collected from Mc Donald's.

I'm not very much into *themes*, unless you call eclectic a theme. I have decorated my children's rooms with antique mall finds, treasures from my childhood and their own found treasures. I think it's more interesting and personal that way.

Next is Mr. B's room. His bed was inspired by a room layout in an old Martha Stewart Kids magazine (remember those? I've kept everyone I ever bought! Miss them!). It was supposed to be a kind of tree house/platform style. I think Vince did a great job interpreting it!
In case you're wondering, there is a ladder built in at the foot of the bed--I realize it looks like he has to climb on from the side in this photo.

His bed isn't quite as high up, since he's a little smaller. However, there is still plenty of room underneath for lots of play. His train table fits great under there as do a couple of toy baskets.
He loves it under here!! I'm quite impressed with how nimble he has become with climbing, too!
These are some shots of Mr. B's room decor. I call it *eclectic patriotic*.
His room is pretty small and the only other real piece of furniture in there is the antique chest of drawers. Hanging above it is a silhouette of my dad as a boy. It's amazing how very much like my son this looks!

Tomorrow I'll show you the playroom/schoolroom....


Kari said...

I love the beds so much! Vince did an awesome job, but--then again--what can't he do? lol =)

Betsy said...

Very nice! I think those loft beds are great...they give a small bedroom so much more floor space! And what kid wouldn't enjoy sleeping up high like that! :)

kandis said...

LOVE this! those beds are TOO cool! i love your style. always have. k

Shelley said...

oh i LOVE LOVE the beds! I can't believe Vince made them!! As soon as he posted the very 1st picture I made Tim come in and look---I wanted him to make them for our kiddos... Tim just looked at me and walked out! :] I think he could do it; he clearly does not! Anyway--kudos to Vince: he did a great job! And Kudos to you: everything looks wonderful!

Lora said...

Thank you all! I'll pass on your kind comments to Vince, too )

you are so right! Having the beds up high makes the room so much better for playing!

Tell Tim he could totally do it!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

The beds do look fantastic. I'm impressed that Vince made his own patterns for them. I would have loved a bed like that when I was growing up too...my very own hideaway!

Angela said...

Those beds are SERIOUSLY cool! Great job Vince for doing those himself! That's amazing!

When I was a kid, my aunt and uncle moved into a house on the lake that had a big loft in one room. I remember thinking that was the coolest feature EVER. I could sit up there for hours and read, or play, or whatever. But I loved being "above" everything and sort of hidden where no one would bother me!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Your new home looks absolutey great!

Leigh Ann said...

These beds are amazing! I love your eclectic decor! All the little globes, dolls and such.
Great job!

Renee said...

I LOVE the kids' beds. I am getting ready to transform my daughter's nursery into a big girl room. I wonder if my husband could make a princess bed?? FUN!!!

sandye said...

Field hockey sticks!!!! A trip down memory lane for me :-). LOVE you loft beads and decor..you have a great touch!