21 August 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I'm busy around here getting ready for homeschool to start. I've got one more week before our scheduled first day: August 31st. So I'm working on getting things-to-do checked off my list!

  • finish decor in the school room (check!)
  • register for a local homeschool group (check!)
  • get the school room organized
  • get the kiddos' school desks painted
  • finish lesson plans
  • get new library cards

So, don't worry, I'm around and will get back in a regular schedule again soon. That's one reason I'm looking forward to school starting:)


Julie said...

I'm sure you will get it all done! You need to take a picture when your through...so we can see all the cute stuff you did! Blessings...Julie

KC said...

praying all goes well for you with this new school year.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Do you do all the homeschooling yourself? Do you have to follow a spesific set agenda?

Lora said...

Yes, I do all of the schooling myself, except when I get my hubby to do art (he's better at that:). Although this year we are going to be a part of a homeschool group that hosts co-op classes twice a month for the kiddos, so I'm excited about that.
Each state here has its own homeschool laws, most being very relaxed, a few being very stringent or even not allowing it at all. Arkansas requires that you turn in paperwork to your local school district outlining your cirriculum and planned schedule for your child(ren). They do require standardized testing starting at grade 3.