24 August 2009

End-of-Summer Bounty

Our little garden is really kicking it in high gear for the end of the growing season! As some of you know, we completely traumatized it early in the summer by moving it across several states in pots. After the move Vince built a small raised bed and we transplanted our little tomato plants, the red and green bell peppers and the jalapenos into the ground. The tomatoes plodded along, as did those yummy hot peppers, producing here and there. The bell peppers were really struggling though. However, somewhere around the middle of July everything really got a second wind. I think they decided they liked this humid Arkansas weather:) Now everything is growing like crazy and has tons more blooms. I think I could be a farmer! (haha)
the Roma tomatoes
the red bells
the jalapenos
This has really been a fun project to do with the kiddos, too. They absolutely delight in going out to check on the plants~and pick the ripe cherry tomatoes to eat right away!:)


Betsy said...

Fun, fun! Our garden is at this stage, too....very nice!

steviewren said...

Mmmmm, red bell peppers are my fave!

Carla said...

How wonderful!! Well rewarded for your effort. I don't know about Ark, but here in East Tex our things grow in Spring and Fall, so you may be in for quite a fall crop:) (those romas look marvelous!!)