11 August 2009

Gearing up for School

It seems like this summer has flown by and now it's time for The Princess to start 1st grade already! I can't believe it! We are now entering our 2nd year in the adventure of homeschooling and I'm looking forward to it.
At least, I am now that I'm getting organized. I was starting to feel a little stressed, but last night I sat down and got everything all decided and ordered. And then I slept well (at least until two little stinkers climbed in my bed this morning:).
Thanks to the state of Arkansas, I was able to get everything mapped out for the year. I say "thanks to Arkansas" because of the paperwork I had to fill out for the school district to declare my intent to homeschool. It wasn't extensive or anything like that, and it actually helped me get in gear to put my plans on paper and get them clarified in my mind. It's always good to have a clear mind, right?!
So for 1st grade we will be studying:

  • Phonics and Reading (Horizons)
  • Handwriting (Italics)
  • Math (Math-U-See)
  • Literature (reading aloud various children's classics)
  • Science (Singapore)
  • Geography (Galoping the Globe)
  • History (different unit studies, beginning with American)
  • Art (various books on various artists, plus projects)
  • Music (introduction to composers, plus beginning piano lessons)

I am sure we may make some adjustments along the way and there will also be fun unit studies, too, but this will be my blueprint for the year. I am also starting some K5 level workbooks with Mr. B even though he's only 4 and he is SO excited~it's really cute!

If you homeschool, I'd love to hear about your plans as well. A while back I had printed off a post by a fellow blogger who is also a homeschooling mom that really helped me with my planning. It's definitely worth the read and you can check it out here. (Thanks, Heidi!)

Now I just need to get those desks painted....


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

We use Tapestry of Grace which includes history, literature, geography, vocabulary (even though I add more), art, worldview, and writing (as in paragraph/story/report). We use Abeka math, Apologia science (although we're switching after we finish the current book for the boys to the one by Answers in Genesis), and we've used Abeka or Easy Grammar for Grammar. We are switching to Winston Grammar this year for all the kids. I don't typically like to switch major core subjects but it is really just time. We're using Spelling Power for spelling and I can't remember the name of the program right now for vocabulary, but it's based on word roots.

As far as planning, the Tapestry is well-planned for you, you just have to determine what to do and not do because you can't possibly do it all. My biggest challenge is teaching four children, and it's not made easier having two in the same grade like you'd think.

Betsy said...

Sounds like you got the hard part out of the way. When a plan is abstract in your mind, it's unsettling! Glad you are ready to get going now!

steviewren said...

Both of my daughter-in-laws use the Tapestry curriculum. They have only good things to say about the way it integrates all the subjects.

Lora said...

I'll definitely have to look into the Tapestry curriculum for next year. By then I'll have two full-time students and may need to have something more planned out already for me:)

Tater said...

So funny, I clearly remember that top picture from my 2nd grade art book. The Hare by Albrecht Drurr. Don't know how to spell it but my dad and I had a fun time saying it. I was home schooled all the way through. Good luck and have fun with an other year!

Lora said...

Was that with Calvert School? I only homeschooled personally 1st & 2nd grades with Calvert and that picture was also one I studies in 2nd grade:)