31 August 2009

Our First--and Hopefully Last--ER Trip

I read blogs often by moms of little boys who are always having to make trips to the local urgent care clinic or the ER and it has always made me wonder if that was going to be me with Mr. B. He's such an active little boy, but until now it's just been bruises and scraped knees. This past weekend that all changed.
While we were sitting in our church service Sunday morning, one of the children's workers came to let us know that Mr. B had fallen and hit his head. It was so scary! He was almost inconsolable at first, but finally calmed down. Thankfully, we attend church with our pediatrician and he was able to check him out immediately. He thought Mr. B looked okay, but gave me some signs to watch for throughout the day--one of which was prolonged nausea.
Well, a couple of hours after the incident he threw up. Then he seemed better, ate a little bit and finally took a good nap. When he woke up he seemed fine, playing well and in good spirits. Then a little while later I found him lying in the living room floor complaining of his head hurting. Thinking that he might have a headache from the bump, I was going to give him some Motrin, when all of a sudden he threw up again.
After I put in a call to our doctor, we decided to take him to the ER to be checked out further. Luckily our doctor was able to call in a CT scan and we got Mr. B in fairly quickly. He was as good as gold at the hospital, too, I was so proud of him! Thankfully, the scan came out fine and our doctor thinks it was either just some delay on the nausea or possibly a coincidental stomach virus--which is also going around.
We are so grateful that he's okay, and so grateful to all of our friends and family who were praying for him.

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Michelle M. said...

Oh how scary! We've had to take our little guy to the ER, but thankfully he was fine. It was still frightening though. I am glad that your little man is doing fine.