06 August 2009

Wishing For Fall

It may be 89F degrees outside, but I'm thinking of Fall already. Today my autumn issue of Victoria came. I've been browsing through it, smelling my *apple pie* candle and listening to the Anne of Green Gables soundtrack...and wishing for Fall. My favorite season!


Serina Tustin said...

Love it, Fall is one of my favorite times of year too.

Laura said...

I hope we'll have a really pretty Fall this year. It's my favorite season, too. And I love Anne of Green Gables. Never thought about getting the soundtrack. Good idea!

Betsy said...

why did I think this magazine went out of print? I used to subscribe to it years ago...loved it!
But don't start talking fall to me yet...oh my, it's my favorite season!
My tomatoes haven't begun to ripen yet! LOL!

Lora said...

It did go out of print in 2003, but they started it again a couple of years ago. I was so thrilled b/c I was a long-time subscriber (I have even kept all of mine:).
Oh--and my tomatoes are just beginning to do well again after our move, too, so I definintely want to finish this season! lol

Kari said...

deep breath **ahhh** apple pie! =)